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Why did Coca Cola change its packaging

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Because Coca Cola’s new packaging is to change its image

1. Open the distance between competing products

at the moment of serious product homogenization, the fastest and most direct way to realize product differentiation is product packaging. At this time, if you want consumers to see your product and buy it at the first time, a different packaging design is a good way

2. Cater to the young market

today’s young consumers are willing to pay for high appearance. High appearance bottle packaging is the flow of topics. For young consumers, fresh packaging can largely capture their excitement and stimulate their desire to buy, so as to improve sales

over the years, Coca Cola has played tricks in packaging, such as nickname bottles, selfie bottles, city bottles… Every packaging marketing can lead to a discussion upsurge. It is precisely because Coca Cola has its own ideas on the design of each packaging, does not pursue excessive publicity, but can adhere to the concept and characteristics of the brand itself, This is also a place worthy of learning and thinking by other brands

Coca Cola has changed its packaging several times in recent years. Some of them cooperate with activities. Sometimes changing the packaging also makes everyone feel bright
but Coca Cola has several features that will not be changed
First: the logo is red
Two: curved bottle
III: mysterious formula

give consumers a new visual experience and avoid visual fatigue, so that you can spend more.

because Coca Cola changes its packaging to change its image
the original packaging doesn’t sell well and can’t produce new products. We have to work hard on the appearance of the packaging

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