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Ask everyone, does any shop have its own seal?

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not necessarily. Some businesses will engrave seals if they need them

seal is a traditional way to indicate identity, which can be used to represent signature

it is generally not too expensive to engrave the seal. It is illegal and criminal to engrave the seal

generally, the seal will be stained with pigment before printing. The seal that does not touch pigment and will appear concave convex after printing on the plane is called steel seal, and some are wax seals printed on wax or fire paint and envelopes. The production materials include metal, wood, stone, jade, etc

Br /> if there are many kinds of seals engraved in the Public Security Bureau, you can take them for the record. If you don’t need a seal, you can take it with you. If you don’t need a seal, you can take it with you

in China, as long as the shops are registered with the industry and commerce, they need to be sealed and filed with the registration authority.

don’t listen to the blind BCC downstairs. Is the seal engraved for the record? Why don’t you go to heaven
landlord: each store can engrave seals. There are many kinds of seals, such as official seal, financial seal, invoice seal, legal person seal To carve a seal, you must bring your business license
are you still filing? Prepare a ball
it’s not easy to answer questions. Adoption is a virtue.

not necessarily. It depends on whether the store owner wants to engrave. You can engrave if you want to, or you can engrave if you don’t, because there is no mandatory requirement to engrave.

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