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Can the bread still be eaten if it leaks

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it’s better not to eat, because vacuum packaging is to prevent the entry of air and oxidation, so as to prevent decay. If the vacuum packaging leaks, it proves that the air has entered, so the goods may have deteriorated
the air leakage problem of vacuum packaging bag should be considered from the following two aspects:
1. Product: whether the shape is regular and whether there are convex parts, which is easy to puncture the bag or make it into an air leakage port
2. Bags: how about the quality of bags? Is the thickness of the bag appropriate? Is the bag the right size? Is the size of the outer box appropriate
professionals also stressed: if the contents have edges and corners, transportation friction, the bag is too thin and the bag is too thick (resulting in insufficient sealing quality), it will cause air leakage! There are two reasons:
1. The bag is too thin. When the vacuum is excessive, the protruding part of the bag will stretch and deform, and serious pinholes will appear.
2. Pay attention to keep the bag flat when sealing to prevent discount, because pinholes will also appear at the discount. It may be handled by appropriately increasing the heat sealing temperature or prolonging the heat sealing time, but it can not be completely avoided
shelf life of vacuum packaging
vacuum packaging must be frozen at – 40 ℃ and then stored at – 18 ℃ for about three months
If preservatives are added to cooked food products, they can be stored in vacuum packaging for 15 days. If they are stored at low temperature, they can be stored for 30 days. However, if no preservatives are added, they can only be stored in vacuum packaging and low temperature for 3 days. After three days, both taste and taste will be much worse
some products will have a retention period of 45 days or even 60 days written on the packaging bag. In fact, it is to enter large supermarkets. Because there are regulations in large supermarkets, if the shelf life exceeds one third of the total, goods cannot be received, more than one-half must be cleared, and more than two-thirds must be returned.

in addition to the common preservatives, the most common method to prolong the shelf life of bread is modified atmosphere packaging. Modified atmosphere packaging is an application of modified atmosphere storage technology in the field of food. In addition to common bread, many puffed foods use this packaging. As a food packaging technology, modified atmosphere packaging uses packaging materials with gas barrier performance to pack food. According to the actual needs of customers, a certain proportion of O2 + CO2 + N2, N2 + CO2 and O2 + CO2 mixed gas is filled into the packaging to prevent the decline of food quality in physical, chemical and biological aspects or slow down the rate of quality decline, so as to prolong the shelf life of food, Enhance the value of food. It has a long history. As early as the 1930s, Europe and the United States began to study the use of CO2 gas to preserve meat products; In the 1950s, N2 and CO2 gas were developed to replace the air of beef cans and cheese cans, effectively extending the shelf life; In the 1960s, due to the development of various air tight plastic packaging materials, many foods such as meat, fruits, vegetables, cakes, tea and dairy products successfully adopted gas replacement packaging technology; In the 1970s, the inflatable packaging of raw and fresh meat was widely used in European and American countries. The gas used in bread and pastry products is mostly composed of CO2 and N2.

No, because air leakage indicates that the packing bag is broken. If the air oxidizes the food, it’s easy to deteriorate, so don’t eat it.

if the usual packaging is full of gas, it is generally filled with nitrogen. If you were full of gas yesterday, you would leak today and you can still eat, but don’t eat it if it exceeds 48 hours. If you don’t know when the air leaks, you’d better not eat it. If you really have a problem, you’ll definitely cost more than a loaf of bread.

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