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Can vivox9 mobile phone outer packing box have plastic film? Bought answer.

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vivo mobile phones can only be sealed or wrapped with a layer of packaging protective film by online shopping. This is because considering that the mobile phones will be transported by express companies on the way, in order to avoid being opened by others on the way, new opportunities are sealed. The physical store purchase is different from online shopping. The physical store sells the exhibition mode over the counter. You can see the real machine face to face, so the entity has no seal or protective film.

all new mobile phones have plastic film. After confirming that the mobile phone is to be purchased, the salesperson opens it in front of the buyer.

not only vivo, but also all new mobile phones now have plastic film. If you don’t buy it, it means that

1. The accessories may have been tampered with by people
2. It may be the people who came to buy them before. They removed the film and opened it, and then didn’t want it

most girls like to take selfies. My wife just asked for oppo’s latest model by name:
1 photo: oppo r9s series adopts F1 7 super aperture, which is currently the largest aperture in the mobile phone industry. Like Samsung S7, the night shot picture is very clear
2 Flash charging: the vooc technology of oppor9s is not only fast but also very safe. It can easily charge while playing without worrying about the safety of the mobile phone
3 appearance: oppo r9s selects a new type of composite sand with stronger metal feeling. After two times of sand blasting process, the metal particles are more fine and dense, and the overall metal feeling is stronger
4. After sales: there are many after-sales points, and it is convenient to repair problems in time


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