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Concept of granules

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granules refer to dry granular preparations made of drugs and appropriate excipients with a certain particle size. Granules can be divided into soluble particles (commonly known as particles), suspended particles, effervescent particles, enteric coated particles, sustained-release particles and controlled-release particles. If the particle size is in the range of 105-500 microns, they are also called fine particles. Its main feature is that it can be swallowed directly or washed into water for drinking. It is convenient to apply and carry, and the dissolution and absorption speed is fast
drugs – chemical drugs, traditional Chinese medicine extracts, fine medicinal powder
excipients – diluents, absorbents, wetting agents, adhesives, flavoring agents, effervescent excipients
properties – dry granular precursor dosage forms: decoction, syrup, medicinal wine. It has the advantages of precursor dosage forms
– fast absorption Rapid effect · overcome the shortcomings of precursor dosage forms
– convenient
– stable
– good taste · high cost
· easy deliquescence – high requirements for packaging methods and materials
· poor mobility – unable to add or subtract with evidence
· slightly poor palatability (compared with coating agent)

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