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Development of China International Corrugated Exhibition

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the first China International Corrugated exhibition was launched in 2001, with 171 suppliers of corrugated manufacturing equipment and consumables participating in the exhibition. By 2013, there were more than 600 exhibitors in China International Corrugated exhibition, three times that of the first exhibition. The scale of the exhibition is increasing day by day, and the degree of internationalization is rising. China International Corrugated exhibition has developed into a top event in the global corrugated industry, and it is also the fastest-growing professional event in the corrugated box industry
the number of visitors to China International Corrugated exhibition increased even more. In 2001, 4275 professional visitors from the corrugated box industry visited the exhibition. Many years later, to 2013 China International Corrugated exhibition, the number of visitors increased nearly six times to 26000
based on the Chinese market and mastering global business opportunities
· in the next few years, China’s economy will continue to grow rapidly and surpass other countries in the world. It is predicted that from 2013 to 2016, the annual growth rate of China’s GDP will be about 8.6%. (source: IMF, world bank, prism)
· global corrugated packaging output continues to grow. In terms of scale and growth rate, China is the largest corrugated box market. It is predicted that from 2013 to 2016, the national corrugated box output will increase at an annual rate of 11%. (source: International Corrugated Box Association, mid-2012 report)
· experts predict that the global demand for corrugated packaging will maintain an average growth rate of 4.4% in the next few years. By 2017, the demand may reach 106 million tons, with a market value of about 152 billion US dollars
audience industry
· carton factory
· Honeycomb Paperboard Factory
· pulp molding factory
· paper pipe factory
· carton users
five reasons not to be missed. The world’s largest corrugated carton industry event, China International Corrugated exhibition, is the world’s largest business platform specially built for corrugated carton manufacturing industry. At the 67000 square meter exhibition site, well-known suppliers from around the world will gather with professional buyers in the global industry with high purchasing power. To improve your global market share, China International Corrugated exhibition is absolutely the best platform for you to effectively expand the global market. As an important center of global business, China International Corrugated exhibition will focus on this fastest-growing industry market in the world, and will focus on inviting many traders and agents from South America, Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. High quality audience gathered it is estimated that the 2015 China International Corrugated exhibition will attract more than 30000 powerful buyers from 90 countries and regions. More than 40% of the audience comes from the senior management of the enterprise, and 20% of the audience is the manager of the procurement department. Core Buyer Program – tap core buyer program aims to establish a long-term good information exchange relationship with powerful buyers with clear purchase intention. Reed Exhibitions will invite your target customers to visit your booth directly and communicate face-to-face with your new customers to directly improve your exhibition revenue. Efficient networking platform China International Corrugated exhibition is the best interaction and exchange platform for people in the corrugated box industry in the world. Here, you will meet the global industry peers gathered here, face to face understanding and communication, grasp the key market information and important networking resources of online shopping malls
diversified marketing channels
· more than 50 industry associations at home and abroad fully support and organize strong buyer groups to visit
· more than 100 well-known print media at home and abroad and more than 100 online media report the whole process
· exhibition viewing teams distributed in more than 10 regions around the world invite professional teams to issue invitations to carton manufacturers around the world
· by direct mail, Send the invitation letter to more than 100000 professional visitors in the database through e-newsletter and mass SMS
· efficient and large-scale online marketing activities on social media and official exhibition websites
· cooperate with more than 20 agencies around the world to invite target customers to the exhibition
· participate in major industry roadshows, Association activities and press conferences
exhibit classification
paperboard processing equipment and spare parts
corrugated board production line
single side corrugating machine
double side corrugating machine
thin knife slitting indentation machine
cross cutting machine
paper receiving machine
paste making system
preheating cylinder
base paper holder
corrugating roller
cotton woven belt
needle punched belt
slitting knife
cross cutting knife
grinding wheel
rotary joint
light pressure wheel
(sun wheel)
Deviation correction system
steam recovery system
carton processing equipment and spare parts
plate making machine
plate making table
proofing machine
engraving machine
feeding machine
water-based printing machine
gravure printing machine
flexographic printing machine
die cutting machine
paper mounting machine
box nailing machine
box gluing machine
binding machine
finishing machine
paper cutting machine
indentation machine
laser knife die cutting machine
glue spraying system
Anilox roller
molding machine rubber pad
wire pressing wheel
paper feeding wheel
industrial belt
honeycomb processing equipment and parts
honeycomb paperboard line
honeycomb paper core line
paper corner protection equipment
pulp molding processing
carton processing all kinds of industrial paper
cow card
hanging cow
core paper
white cow
gray bottom whiteboard
carton processing Related consumables
flat wire
die cutter
packing belt
tear belt
end belt
double sided tape
carton processing software
box design software
management software
production management system
automatic control system
carton processing services
plate making
mold making
Training Training
equipment transformation
second-hand equipment
plant supporting equipment
whole plant conveying system
waste treatment equipment
waste paper treatment equipment
humidification and constant temperature equipment
forklift and holding car
sewage treatment
testing instruments
previous evaluation
Chen congyong
marketing director
this time to participate in China International Corrugated exhibition, We advocate the concept of “energy-saving revolution, human revolution”. BHS has been in the industry for more than 60 years. Now we are very concerned about the development of the industry in the next decade. More than 200
R & D personnel of the company are committed to developing highly automated products, hoping to lead the market and reduce the waste of manpower and resources
BHS has achieved better results than the traditional exhibition. We are surprised that the audience on site have novel ideas, unique opinions
pay great attention to the development trend of the industry, and BHS has also benefited a lot from the communication process
vice president
we have always maintained a long-term cooperative relationship with Reed Exhibitions group and have participated in every
session of China International Corrugated exhibition since the first session in 2001. Reed Exhibitions group is worthy of being the world’s leading exhibition and conference organizer. It is very professional from the previous issue
to the on-site construction. Participating in the China International Corrugated exhibition this time, we feel that the Chinese market is developing at an amazing speed and there are many positive changes. We have seen many high-quality potential buyers and will continue to pay attention to the latest developments in the industry
audience voice
Arab Paper Co.
China International Corrugated exhibition is a very professional exhibition in the global corrugated box industry. I came to the exhibition for two
purposes. The first is to participate in the meeting of the Asian corrugated box Association, share market cutting-edge trends with peers and have in-depth exchanges. The second is the most intuitive understanding of the industry-leading new equipment and technology at the exhibition site. As a member of tap (specially
invited VIP), I am very satisfied with the various services provided by the organizer. The customized visit itinerary makes it easier for
me to communicate with the target exhibitors
robertlim A.B.
General Manager
I have visited China International Corrugated exhibition many times. I think under the organization of Reed Exhibitions group, the exhibition has developed
bigger and better. I hope Reed Exhibitions will continue to hold such high-level exhibitions. At the exhibition site,
I am very excited to see many international well-known exhibitors display the latest corrugated manufacturing equipment and cutting-edge production technology

purchasing category manager
the United States
China International Corrugated exhibition is one of the most influential professional exhibitions in the world. It brings together the world’s leading corrugated box manufacturing enterprise
industry. I am very honored to be invited to visit this time. At the exhibition, I saw many
related equipment and consumables of corrugated board production line, which is very helpful for our company to complete this year’s procurement plan
InstryCo. Ltd

packaging chain integration manager
the scale of this exhibition is very large, showing a large number of the latest equipment and professional technology related to cartons. I am very satisfied. At the same time, we would like to thank the organizer, lizhan Expo Group, for holding professional lectures and seminars close to the industry development side such as TAPPI international forum during the exhibition, which provided an audio-visual feast of packaging industry integrating learning, discussion, training and innovation

voice of the association
Chengdu Packaging Technology Association
Zhang Xianqi
Secretary General
since 2006, we have come to participate in corrugated exhibitions every year, including China
International Corrugated exhibition held in Shanghai and South China International Corrugated exhibition held in Houjie, Dongguan. This time, we organized nearly 90 people to visit the exhibition, including enterprises in Mianyang and Panzhihua. Chengdu Packaging Association followed us. Therefore, the team is very large and many people. China International Corrugated
exhibition has been very successful every time. Here, we would like to thank China International Corrugated Exhibition for its support to
Western packaging
chairman of corrugated box manufacturers association of Malaysia
Henry low
we will visit every corrugated exhibition held by Reed Exhibitions. At the exhibition, visitors can get access to the latest machinery, equipment and technology and understand the development trend of the industry. The scale of
China International Corrugated exhibition has expanded a lot. I visited five exhibition halls. I was deeply impressed by the rapid development of China’s carton equipment manufacturing. I believe they will have a strong ability to compete with Western imported equipment in the future. I’m very satisfied with the
service provided by the organizer, lizhan Expo Group. They are careful and considerate to every visitor
Indonesian corrugated board industry association
kinardo ang
we will attend every China International Corrugated exhibition. The scale of this exhibition is very
large, and the equipment and technology displayed on site have also made great progress, especially the manufacturing equipment displayed by Chinese exhibitors
have used a lot of new technologies. Many exhibitors bring the latest equipment
to the exhibition site for operation demonstration, so that we can more intuitively understand the special
color of the machine
International Association of supporting associations
Asian corrugated box Association
Argentine corrugated box manufacturers association
Bazhong chamber of Commerce and industry
Singapore corrugated box manufacturers association
Indian corrugated box manufacturers Federation
Hong Kong corrugated paper manufacturers association
Indonesian corrugated board industry association
Korean corrugated packaging industry association
Malaysian corrugated box manufacturers association
Spanish Association of packaging and printing machinery manufacturers
trade union of paper industry in Taiwan
Vietnamese Packaging Association
domestic Association
paper product packaging member of China Packaging Federation

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