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Do you know the salary of software development engineers?

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I want to change my profession to learn this. I heard that the salary is very high. How did everyone learn it? How did you get into the line?

the deadline is February 8, 2020. The salary of software development engineers is generally about 8000-20000 yuan /month

the salary will be different in different cities and levels. Of course, the treatment of software development engineers will not be too bad, but there are also some hard-working programmers and case engineers who go home with tired bodies at one or two o’clock every day. There are many such programmers

in fact, software development engineers are divided into many levels. Generally speaking, they are divided into three levels: primary, intermediate and advanced. These three levels basically determine the salary level of software development engineers, but the specific treatment is also related to the company

some junior software development engineers are paid seven or eight thousand, but the company’s welfare is very good. 14 salary, traveling abroad, mid year and year-end bonus, etc., so the salary looks low, but other welfare levers are also very good

extended data


1. Testers should improve their layered testing ideas. When dividing test points, they should not only consider from the perspective of business, but also fully consider the particularity of data

2. Testers should also have a certain sense of market and risk, and be able to analyze the possible risk scenarios of the system from different angles as much as possible

3. The person in charge of the test shall formulate the test plan with small granularity and short cycle; Test team members have clear goals and sub goals for their work. Especially for modules with cross testing, testers must have clear responsibilities to ensure that there are no missed testing scenarios

4. Testers must have self promotion awareness and actively strengthen communication with developers, demanders and customers

Learning is better than learning computer. The reason is very simple and easy to learn (unlike other industries, learning costs are high and difficult). It is suitable for short-term learning for 3-4 months. Moreover, the gap in the industry is very large. Whether looking for a job or receiving private orders at home, the monthly income is less than 10000, and twenty or thirty thousand is also common. [Click to enter] free “post short video clip” learning website:
/school /Yingshi? type=2& Zdhhr-11y17r-

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first of all, software development engineers have different levels. The salary is different at different levels. If the same person works in different units, the salary offered by others may be different. In particular, she needs a higher salary for meetings.

the salaries of software development engineers should be relatively high, especially in the IT industry. Those who are more capable are tens of thousands to tens of thousands of yuan a month.

generally speaking, in some first tier or better second tier cities, the average income of software development engineers is normal at twenty or thirty thousand, and the income of high-end software development engineers is relatively higher

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