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Do you want to pack it yourself? Where can I get the bag!

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if it is a small object, the sender needs to make basic packaging by himself; If it is a large object, the courier will pack it instead of the sender

although the packaging of goods has always been the obligation of the sender, the competition in the industry is fierce, and the courier will help packaging from the perspective of serving customers. As for the packaging materials, you can use the cartons at the express point, but the express point will charge the sender a certain material fee

  At present, many couriers take the goods back for packaging. In fact, this is not in line with the regulations. Therefore, if the goods are lost due to packaging problems, the express company is mainly responsible

extended data:

packaging requirements for express goods: & nbsp

1. Requirements for the size of small items after packaging: it must not be less than the size of the “waybill”, otherwise the waybill will be damaged. Once the waybill is damaged, the waybill number will be read correctly and the express will be delivered correctly.     

2. It is forbidden to use all newspapers and periodicals as the outer packaging of express mail, such as newspapers, posters, books and magazines; It is strictly prohibited to use all kinds of colored garbage bags and thin packages similar to garbage bags that are easy to be damaged.

3. For the reused old packaging materials, the original waybill and other special express marks must be removed before use, so as to avoid affecting the circulation of express due to the content of old packaging.     

4. According to the size and weight of the objects, select the outer packaging with different strength (corrugated box, wooden box, etc.), and the objects can not be directly put into the box. Shockproof materials must be padded on the bottom of the box, filled between the objects and between the objects and the box, subject to no shaking, and then seal the box mouth firmly.

reference source: People’s Network – Express packaging exploration, sharing and recycling

they will pack you only when you go to the express company. When you get home, you have to wrap it up by yourself. The small bag can be brought by the courier when you pick it up. Large bags can be provided free of charge in express companies. If the delivery brother takes the pieces at home, large bags are generally not provided.

Personal express delivery is usually packaged by themselves, but the express company provides express bags. If the company has a large amount, it can be packaged by the personnel of the express company. Generally, only the express company has customized express bags. If you need to customize express bags, you should find the express bag manufacturer

in order to avoid the damage of Express items during transportation, you usually pack them before express delivery. If you don’t have packaged bags, cartons and other things, you can ask the express company for them. The express company has these things.

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