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Elida automatic palletizer Division

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is a specialized research and development (supervised by Taiwan Yilida International Group Holding Co., Ltd.) under Yilida packaging equipment Co., Ltd. for fully automatic palletizing machine, packaging palletizing production line, fully automatic palletizing machine, stacker, stacker, fully automatic stacker, fully automatic paper box stacker system, robot palletizer, palletizing manipulator, manipulator palletizer Mechanical stacker, logistics stacker robot, manipulator stacker, robot carton stacker system, robot pallet stacker, carton stacker, pallet stacker, pallet stacker, grease stacker, floor stacker, can beverage stacker, stacker, unloader, unloader, bottle unloader, cardboard stacker, unloader, destacker The Automation Department of destacker and code remover. Elida designs and develops according to the particularity and difference of your products and articles. It belongs to the special automatic stacker for your products. Elida automatic stacker (supervised by Taiwan Elida International Group Holding Co., Ltd.) is to stack the cartons or bag like packages that have been loaded into containers on pallets and pallets (wood and plastic) according to a certain arrangement for automatic stacking. It can be stacked in multiple layers and then pushed out to facilitate forklift transportation to the warehouse for storage. The equipment adopts PLC touch screen control to realize intelligent operation and management, which is simple and easy to master. It can greatly reduce labor force and labor intensity. It adopts the concept of high speed, stability and space saving. It adopts separate stripping, which is faster and saves more space. One machine has multiple functions and can be adjusted quickly. There is no need to worry about replacing stacked products. Scope of application: corrugated box, plastic box, barrel packaging, bag packaging. Elida automatic palletizer is a high-tech product integrating machinery and electricity. Medium and low-level palletizers can meet the production needs of medium and low output. According to the required marshalling mode and number of layers, the stacking of bags, rubber blocks, boxes and other products can be completed. The optimized design makes the stack compact and neat. Elida medium and low-level palletizing machines are mainly composed of flattening conveyor, slow stop conveyor, transposition conveyor, pallet bin, pallet conveyor, marshalling machine, bag pushing device, palletizing device and pallet conveyor. Its structural design is optimized and its action is stable and reliable. The palletizing process is fully automatic, without manual intervention during normal operation, and has a wide range of application. The Lida automatic palletizing machine (Taiwan eida International Holdings Holdings Limited) is mainly used in food, Cereals, oils, oils, beverages, cans, beverages, mineral water, beer, liquor, wine, Baijiu, wine, chemicals, cosmetics, health products, medicine, medicine, fertilizer, feed, electronics, electrical appliances, plastics, tobacco, floor boards, etc. Household products and other automatic production enterprises; It is suitable for all kinds of cartons, bags, cans, beer boxes, bags, boxes, crates, bottles, packaging bags, filling barrels, packaging boxes and other shapes of packaging; Palletizing, destacking, unloading and material handling procedures. The equipment of Elida palletizer usually sends the powdery materials to the weighing equipment through the material lifting equipment or from the silo. The electronic weighing equipment completes the automatic weighing process according to the preset, and sends the materials to the packaging equipment for packaging. The weight of the packed materials is rechecked by the weight inspection scale, and the unqualified packaging will be removed automatically. At the same time, the weight inspection scale can also provide feedback signal to the weighing equipment to adjust the weight inspection setting. Metal detectors can be installed before the materials enter the packaging machine and after the packaging is completed to detect whether metal foreign matters are mixed into the products. The packaging conforming to the standard shall be sprayed, shaped, transported, palletized, wound and sent. The whole process can be managed by computer PLC to realize the automation of packaging production. Elida palletizer business department will design special packaging lines for users according to different products and different needs of users. Elida automatic packaging and stacking equipment is widely used for automatic packaging and automatic stacking of powdery and granular materials in food, beverage, petrochemical, chemical, plastic, fertilizer, raw materials, medicine, feed, grain, nonferrous minerals, building materials and other industries. (supervised by Taiwan Yilida International Group Holding Co., Ltd.)
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