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How about Karamay Sanda Co., Ltd?

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Karamay Sanda Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company (invested or controlled by natural persons) registered in Baijiantan District, Karamay City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region from December 10, 1998. Its registered address is located at No. 80, Yongxing Road, Sanping Town, Baijiantan District, Karamay City, Xinjiang

the unified social credit code /registration number of Karamay Sanda Co., Ltd. is Wang Fenghai, an enterprise legal person. At present, the enterprise is in business

the business scope of Karamay Sanda Co., Ltd. is: Road General cargo transportation, special cargo transportation (tank container), large object transportation (class I); Construction and installation of factory production facilities and equipment; Pipeline engineering construction; Manufacturing and sales of general equipment and special equipment; Manufacturing of metal pressure vessels and special equipment for oil drilling and production; The following business items are limited to branches: livestock and poultry breeding and sales; Breeding stock production, construction engineering construction; Building installation; Chemical cleaning; Urban landscaping; Service activities related to oil and gas exploitation; Production and sales of special chemical products; Planting and sales of crops; Auto parts, hardware and electrical sales; Manufacturing of building materials, heat and sound insulation materials, concrete structural members, cement, lime and gypsum, plastic packaging barrels and containers, and metal processing machinery; Rental of houses, counters and equipment; Department store retail; Lightning protection engineering construction; Stringing and equipment engineering construction; Electrical installation. Within the scope of the province, the current registered capital of enterprises belongs to general

Karamay Sanda Co., Ltd. has invested in 7 companies with 1 branch

check more information and information of Karamay Sanda Co., Ltd. through Baidu corporate credit

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