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How about Shenzhen Vientiane starlight Technology Co., Ltd?

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Shenzhen Vientiane starlight Technology Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company (wholly owned by natural persons) registered in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province on July 1, 2015. Its registered address is located at 428, building 117, Minle old village, Minle community, Minzhi street, Longhua District, Shenzhen

the unified social credit code /registration number of Shenzhen Vientiane Xingguang Technology Co., Ltd. is mingruiwen, the enterprise legal person. At present, the enterprise is in business

the business scope of Shenzhen Vientiane Xingguang Technology Co., Ltd. is: intelligent building system, computer integration and information system, multimedia teaching system, medical system, smart home system, intelligent office system, security monitoring and access control system, three-dimensional garage parking system, building intelligent system, electromechanical equipment and automatic control system, intelligent fire protection system Technical development and sales of glass curtain wall system and multi-functional conference system; R & D and sales of industrial automation equipment, intelligent robot equipment, energy management equipment, communication equipment, comprehensive laboratory equipment, class I medical devices, stage lighting and sound equipment, multimedia audio-visual education products, environmental protection and energy saving products; Research and development, sales and technical consultation of computer software and hardware, server and storage and other computer accessories, office equipment and consumables, seamless splicing screen, touch all-in-one machine, indoor and outdoor advertising machine, waterproof tv and other functional interactive products; Design and construction of urban lighting and lighting engineering, civil engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering, hydropower engineering, building decoration engineering, steel structure engineering, building intelligence engineering, computer room engineering, comprehensive security engineering and industrial automation engineering; Construction labor subcontracting; estate management; Domestic trade; Import and export of goods and technology. (for projects that must be approved according to law, business activities can be carried out only after being approved by relevant departments) ^ construction of landscaping works. Within the scope of the province, the current registered capital of enterprises belongs to general

check more information and information of Shenzhen Vientiane starlight Technology Co., Ltd. through Baidu enterprise credit

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