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How are cad07 and cad04 versions converted

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How to convert cad07 version and cad04 version? Because the lower version can’t open the higher version, please help me. thank you!

cad04 version can be opened directly with cad07 version, while cad07 version can only be opened with 04 board after saving as cad04 version. (save as in the file).

just change tools (version 07), options, open and save, and save as to 2004. In this way, all the pictures 07 and 04 can be opened

search for fast PDF Online converter and click to enter his official website

find the document conversion at the top of the home page, click “CAD version conversion” inside, and then add the CAD file to it

set the conversion version, then click start conversion, and finally download the file

cad07 and cad04 versions can be converted to each other. I hope to adopt them

if the lower version cannot open the higher version of CAD, you can set CAD to automatically save as CAD2004 version & nbsp& nbsp; There will be no more problems & nbsp& nbsp; & nbsp;

enter the command [OP] in the command bar, the following screen appears

and then click open and save & nbsp& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Save the file there as CAD2004 version & nbsp& nbsp; In this way, any version can be opened

install CAD Mini view; This can be converted

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