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How many kinds of book paper materials are there, what are they and how to distinguish them?

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there are seven

1. Relief printing paper

Product packaging forms can be divided into reel and lithography. The weight of relief paper is 50 grams to 80 grams per square meter. The product number is divided into special number, No. 1 and No. 2. Special size and No. 1 relief paper are used for printing high-grade books, and No. 2 relief paper is mainly used for printing general books, textbooks and periodicals

2. Newsprint

is also known as white newspaper. The packaging form can also be divided into reel and lithography. The quantity of newsprint is about 51g, which is mainly used for printing newspapers and periodicals

3. Offset printing paper

is abbreviated as offset paper, with a quantitative of 60-180g. It can be divided into double-sided offset paper and single-sided offset paper. Among them, 70-120g double-sided offset paper is the most widely used. There are three kinds of offset paper product numbers: special number, No. 1 and No. 2. Special No. 1 and No. 1 double-sided offset paper are used for printing high-grade color offset printing products; No. 2 double-sided offset paper is suitable for printing general color prints; Single sided offset paper is mainly used for printing posters and New Year pictures

4. The quantity of book cover paper is 80-120G, which is mainly used as the cover of books and periodicals. The cover paper has a variety of colors to meet the needs of printing different covers

5. Dictionary paper

is divided into No. 1 and No. 2, with a quantitative of 25-50g. It is mainly used for printing dictionaries and manuals. Dictionary paper is hygroscopic and will wrinkle if it is slightly damp

6. Copy paper

copy paper is mainly used for printing multiple sheets, which is suitable for copying and typing. Because the copy paper is translucent, it is mainly used for binding the cover with portrait pages in book printing

7. Paperboard

paper with a ration of more than 250G /m2 is called paperboard, or paperboard. There are many kinds of paperboard. The paperboard used in book printing is mainly used to make the cover press paperboard of hardcover book shell surface and the envelope press paperboard for hardcover book and picture book envelope. The paperboard is lithographic paper, and the thickness of the pressed paperboard on the cover is generally divided into 1 (mm), 1.5 (mm) and 2 (mm)

there are six kinds of paperboard thickness of envelope press: 1 (mm), 1.2 (mm), 1.4 (mm), 2 (mm), 2.5 (mm) and 3 (mm). Cardboard is also used to make paper packaging boxes

extended data:

paper selection:

paper selection includes the selection of varieties, specifications and quality grades. You can’t just focus on one aspect and ignore others

when selecting the paper type, it mainly needs to be selected according to the characteristics of the printed matter to be printed and the type of printing machine used. Double sided coated paper or double offset paper can be used for color covers, illustrations or advertising inserts in printed books and periodicals; For single-sided printed products such as printed trademarks, single-sided coated paper or single offset paper can be selected; Reference books such as printed dictionaries, dictionaries and manuals should use dictionary paper or thin letterpress paper; For printing general books, offset book paper or relief printing paper can be selected

it is also for printing general books. If you want to use it on the rotary printing machine, you need to use web paper (except the platform rotary printing machine). If you plan to print on the general platform, you need to use flat paper; If you print on an offset press, you should use offset book paper. If you print on a relief press, you can use relief paper

there are many kinds of printed matter. The type of paper used should be selected according to the specific characteristics of various printed matter

the selection of paper specifications involves the paper opening method of books and periodicals. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce the paper opening method of general books and periodicals and the commonly used format

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – paper

any object has different surfaces, and different materials have different texture. This texture is called pattern paper, which can be divided into the following categories: (1) mesh paper mesh paper is the most traditional way to produce texture on paper

according to the thickness, the usual textbooks are 75g and 60g, of course, there are also thin ones, 50g and 45g, but they are not resistant to turning
by type, there are coated paper and offset paper. At the same time, they are divided into double glue or double copper. Generally, double adhesive paper is used in teaching materials
according to the quality, you know, it’s divided into imported paper and domestic paper
how to distinguish…… Feel, color, fiber density and even taste…. It depends on how long you’ve been dealing with these papers.

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