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How much is a full set of carton equipment?

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the production workshop of the standard three-level carton factory is equipped with two paper separators, one two-color manual paper printer, one slotting machine, one corner punching machine and two nailing machines The new price varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. About 250000-300000. If you want to start a factory and need a master, please come to me. I specialize in providing carton production technology. In addition, there is a carton factory machine transfer in Guangzhou. His factory was opened in 2009. It is a brand-new carton machine, equipped with two paper separators, one automatic printing slotting machine and two nailing machines, More details can be found in my space

supply a full set of carton equipment. Provide free technical guidance for the new carton factory, track the whole process, and help you solve all the problems of opening the factory
electricity supplies a full set of carton equipment at a low price for a long time,
: the price is reasonable,
8 the service is in place,
6 the quality is first-class
1 free installation
6 free maintenance
6 free training
in addition, we supply a full set of second-hand carton equipment for a long time. Printing slotting machine, paper separation machine, nailing machine, die-cutting machine, box gluing machine, automatic box nailing machine, etc.

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 Hello, there are tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of ordinary carton equipment

 to set up a carton factory, the budget required for the new construction includes mechanical equipment, manufacturing plant, office supplies, labor costs, workers' accommodation, industrial and commercial registration, etc

 the most basic equipment of the carton factory includes: paper separation and crimping machine (about 30000 ~ 40000), printing machine (about 100000 ~ 200000), slotting machine (10000 ~ 20000) and nailing machine (10000 ~ 20000), so these equipment need at least 300000. In addition, the small plant costs about 200000 yuan 


 how much equipment investment do I need to produce 100000 standard cartons per day 


 Hello, oh, 100000 standard cartons per day. The price is more expensive. Oh, it needs to invest about 1.5 million equipment investment 


 how much can you produce in a day with an investment of 200000 equipment 


 Nissan is about 13000 


 What's the difference between investing 1.5 million in equipment and investing 300000 in equipment
The answer
 is that the daily output is different, and the production speed is faster 

 the quality of the cartons is almost the same
 well, where did you say the equipment was produced and sold 


 we can't specifically recommend manufacturers, otherwise we are suspected of selling. We just consult 

10 more

2,3 million

yellow leather watermark box processing flow
printing slotting /die-cutting gluing box binding forming
required machines:
one ink printing slotting machine
one gluing machine or nailing box machine
one forming baler
film coated color box processing flow
face paper printing, film coated papering, flat pressing, die-cutting gluing box /nailing box binding forming
required machines and equipment:
one offset press
one covering box Film machine
a paper mounting machine
a flat pressing die-cutting machine or box touching machine
a box gluing machine /box nailing machine
a baling forming machine
all equipment has two operation modes: full-automatic and semi-automatic. The model and configuration of the equipment are different, and the price is also different!

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