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How much is an automatic loading and unloading robot?

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The factory wants to change to automation, and 50 machine tools want to be transformed. Please recommend

the following 14.8w

fully automatic stacker (with visual recognition)

1. The materials are delivered by truck and transported to the roller line manually

2. When the sensor detects that the materials are in place, the roller line stops, and the robot uses the suction cup gripper to stack the materials at the specified position and stack them according to the stack shape set by the system

3. During stacking, 3D camera is used for visual guidance to make the stacking material placement more accurate

the robot stacker is used to arrange and position the products through the conveying line, such as cartons, turnover boxes, bags and other regular products that have been loaded into the products; 10-12 neatly placed pallets are placed on the automatic stacker by forklift. The machine automatically separates the pallets in turn and transports them to the stacking position for stacking; The robot grabs the product through a special fixture and places it on the pallet according to the preset placement mode. After the stacking of the whole stack is completed, the pallet conveying line starts, and the palletized pallet output equipment is taken off the line by a forklift

the whole process is completed automatically without manual intervention. It is especially suitable for assembly line and easy to move; PLC program control, simple operation and stable action. It can greatly reduce labor personnel and labor intensity. The design adopts the concept of high speed, stability and space saving, which is faster and more space saving. One machine has multiple functions and can be adjusted quickly. There is no need to worry about replacing stacked products

scope of application: corrugated box, plastic box, barrel packaging, bag packaging, etc

equipment composition: product conveying line, grasping positioning line, palletizing robot, base, fixture, pallet distributor, pallet conveying line, electrical control system and safety protection net, etc

I don’t know what your specific requirements are. Generally, the price of Shandong kangdao intelligent automatic loading and unloading robot within 5kg is about 70000. If it is a truss robot, it is about 40000 to 60000. The specific price shall be subject to the consultation price

advantages of automatic loading and unloading robot:

automatic loading and unloading is realized through automatic control system, transmission system and power system, with high efficiency and labor saving

replace labor efficiently and recover investment quickly: one person is on duty for multiple CNC lathes to save manpower to the greatest extent; Users can recover equipment investment within one year at the fastest

super long service life: the core hardware accessories of global first-line brands are stable and reliable, and the service life of the whole machine is more than 8 years

easy to learn and use: fool type machine adjustment and maintenance, ordinary workers can be competent, and now learn and use

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