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How much is the pop can production line? 1 million cans

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it depends on the packaging of your final product, glass bottles, PET bottles, cartons, roof bags, cans or 200 liter barrels
the investment of small enterprises is about 1 million yuan
mixing tank, sterilizer, filling machine, cooling system, etc. are necessary, and code spraying, plastic sealing, etc. may also be required
boilers, pure water equipment, etc. are required
if there is no production line in the early stage, you can try processing on behalf of others, go to other manufacturers for production, and give processing fees. The price is negotiable.

according to different configurations, there are great differences. Basically, there are early-stage deployment, water treatment, destacking machine, can reverser, can washer, sterilizer, filling and sealing machine, back-end transportation, code collision at the bottom of the tank, packing and stacking,
there should also be online detection equipment, such as empty tank detection machine, Br> whether the liquid level of the tank after filling is detected by X-ray
whether the liquid level of the full tank is detected by the filling machine is qualified

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