How to break through the bottleneck of enterprise development through wechat agent operation

I. positioning: enterprise positioning and user positioning are carried out in both directions.

days are not set firmly, but many people are often set firmly in their hearts. When it comes to new media operation, many people will start talking about user positioning, how to draft the title, how to design the content, and how to promote it. I think this way of thinking is more limited to user positioning and ignores the demands of the enterprise itself. If you are a decision-maker of an enterprise, you need to think:

do I want to be a follower or a leader of new media

if you are a follower, the core is imitation and borrowing. If you are a leader, you must clearly judge the trend of new media? Wechat is the core of Tencent. The core of Tencent is “connection”, and the core of wechat is “connection” people. When people grow in size, wechat will promote wechat e-commerce and build ecology on this basis, because it is close to money, which is the law of business

we media is the first step and social e-commerce is the second step. We media is not yet fully saturated, there are still many vertical blank areas, and social e-commerce has a lot to do

I want to be a new media. What is the purpose

does it serve the enterprise or express itself? What is the effect of serving the enterprise? Promote 2B sales business or 2C? If it is self-expression, do you want to be an industrial or personal self-Media

these questions need to be considered clearly, because this is the general direction. If you don’t know the direction, you just focus on the content and promotion. How can you maximize the distribution of manpower, time and energy

the process of enterprise positioning is to understand who you are and why you want to do it. What weight does this occupy for the enterprise

I used the mind map to classify the roles played by wechat subscription numbers and service numbers. Decision makers of all enterprises should be able to take their seats according to their numbers:

secondly, user positioning: I comprehensively consider who my users are, age level, behavior habits, reading habits, preferences, price sensitivity and other factors, and judge how to do the content according to these factors

generally speaking, enterprise positioning and user positioning are carried out synchronously, and the subsequent operation is centered on these two, with the ultimate goal of realizing the growth of enterprise users, flow and services

II. Set up a stage and sing opera: lay the foundation and build the framework

if you want to understand the positioning, it is like knowing what buildings you want to build, such as sea view buildings, office buildings, dual-use commercial and residential buildings, villas, etc., then you need to understand where to build them, how deep the foundation is and how to build the overall framework of the building

where to repair: the service number is applicable to the external communication of enterprise display, offline physical stores such as hot pot shops such as zhaoxianglan Nanyang hot pot, and the enterprise’s business is mainly service-oriented, such as 020 project Kungfu bear, Dudu nail salon and love fresh bee

how deep the foundation is and how to build the framework, I have combed it with the mind map, and you will find that the focus of the menu framework of social e-commerce, industry /vertical we media, we media and enterprise external display is very different

some have heavy promotion genes, some have heavy content genes, and some have heavy interaction genes. That is why when I came here, I said that I should make clear positioning. Not all new media should put content first

specifically, the core content that social e-commerce needs to deliver should be:

1. The link of product story

reduces the dimension and replaces the advertising expenses of traditional 2C enterprises in various channels and media

2, the story of the founding team

is vividly and vividly explained to enhance the sense of trust and shorten the distance. It is relatively low cost to use the founding team to carry out 2C end brand public relations

3, push content

around the product related information increment on how to use it, and around the target audience related information, information value-added services, an excellent salesperson will not bother to talk about his own products every time he sees customers, right

4, user community interaction

provide users with interesting wechat lectures, pull users to offline activities, set up user wechat groups, collect users’ opinions, and be careful not to become a roast group

5, promotional benefits

in the final analysis, social e-commerce is about selling things, and those involved in transactions should pay attention to pricing and promotion

take the agricultural e-commerce “vegidani” as an example. The founder of vegidani was liujingwen, the editor in chief of Shenzhen Jingbao public welfare weekly. He established a farmers’ Cooperative in Xinjiang, integrated high-quality foods such as dried fruits in Xinjiang, and sold them through Taobao and wechat service accounts, with an annual sales of tens of millions. And those connecting users and farmers are farmers’ stories, telling customers’ stories (cat weekly), postcards (interactive tools) and Wei kitchen (guide information to teach you how to eat)

media people are the best storytellers, and they also understand brand and public relations. Therefore, a good editor in chief is better than 100 salespeople, and the media, public relations, brands and social e-commerce will all overlap

core content to be delivered by industry /vertical i-media:

content selection by category: most of these i-media have reached the content precipitation stage and need to be classified and summarized to understand what the audience wants and what their core is. For example, the core of first reading new media is video content, while other all media content is only auxiliary. The real business line lies in video services, So the menu framework of first reading is like this:

in fact, from the menu framework of first reading, we can see that the core operation team of first reading is very clear about the sorting and structure of the content. I can see that many industry we media are not clear about the classification when sorting out their precipitated content with the menu, and they are not good at building WAP with technology for classification, and do not show the precipitated content to users well

one clever thing about Yidu Jun is that it enhances the user’s stickiness through Yidu Pai, which is similar to punch in points. It jumps out of the traditional we media, which has a heavy content gene. It only knows to output the content it wants to deliver, and ignores why the user wants to keep looking at you

the summary page development of the first reading is well worth learning about products and technologies:

III. operation: content operation, user operation and activity operation

the third step is what to put on each floor (content operation), who to sell (user operation) and how to sell (activity operation)

the operations of these three dimensions operate together and achieve the following four goals:

how to convert new users into active users and click them many times

how to pull back lost users

how to activate the remaining but silent users

maintain the activity of existing active users

I summarized the core elements of these three operations with the mind map. Among them, the activity operation will have different focuses according to the promotion budget of each enterprise

in content operation, the core logic of title and content is: title is to stimulate users’ desire to click and pull users in, while content is a means to stimulate users to forward and leave users behind

what kind of title will stimulate users’ desire to click

what kind of content will arouse users’ impulse to forward

it is fun, interesting and stimulates some emotional resonance of users

provides enough information increments that users find useful

what kind of content will inspire users to pay attention to wechat accounts

user experience: clear and comfortable typesetting, good reading experience

content: valuable, interesting and practical for oneself

last picture: one picture will tell you who I am and what I can offer you

this is a collection of tools that I often use in the operation of new media:

it is particularly noteworthy that the text in the tail diagram with the enterprise QR code must highlight its own differentiation advantages. Even if it is a sentence, it must be clear. Otherwise, the reading volume of an article will exceed 50000, and the final user will not know who sent it, and a large number of potential transformable users will be lost in vain

as for user operation, if you are still in the stage of pulling new content, you are out. It is the gene of media people to refresh through content. At present, the more successful ones are “Sixiang space” and “Mantou Business School”. They refresh through the content of wechat lectures required by specific audiences. They need to forward screenshots to sign up, which promotes the sharing and click reading of articles. Finally, after the lecture, the lecture content will be published, which will form a secondary communication through text or video, so as to warm up for the next lecture

the wechat group can be divided into the wechat group of core loyal users and the wechat group of lectures. The former can be sent to the group at different stages of development to collect users’ feedback. The latter is used for re dissemination and multiple dissemination, so that these wechat group users can help you forward the next activity forecast. With the increase of wechat groups, forwarding will be a multiplier effect. This is also the fundamental reason why if wechat lectures are well conducted, the number of users will grow rapidly: the continuous fission through wechat groups

finally, promotion, that is, activity operation

let me focus on some of the smartest promotion methods:

mutual promotion: it is not simply to find some wechat public accounts that are in tune with the audience and organize them into an article titled “XXX wechat subscription numbers you can’t miss”. That is the early play of wechat

it needs packaging. For example, 10 workplace newcomers’ habit forming methods, and then 10 mutual push accounts are implanted. This returns to the core logic I just mentioned: the title is used to attract users to click, while the content is used to induce forwarding

otherwise, users rarely forward the collection of 10 subscription numbers, right

looking for partners to provide benefits: partners include apps and wechat official accounts. They should package their own products or set up certain coupons. It is best to “look” harder. They should look for wechat official accounts of the same audience and cooperate with them to turn their own products or coupons into benefits given to users by the other party’s account. However, in the end, they need to pay attention to their own account. This method is cumulative and continuous, Is the lowest cost pull new way

kol promotion by taking advantage of the situation: according to the characteristics of the audience, find a matching KOL and use it to promote, so as to introduce KOL fans into their own wechat public accounts, but this requires good planning

wechat large-scale soft promotion: find wechat large-scale with the same audience, accurately launch soft text, and take advantage of the situation to promote on wechat large-scale with the original user base. This method has a quick effect, and content planning is the most important

IV. repeat: data analysis

through the data analysis of each transmission, find the most suitable way for the target audience and continuously optimize it

1. First of all, understand the purpose of wechat agent operation

2. Analyze good accounts made by peers or related industries

3. Operate wechat account cycle

wechat, and you will be very cautious about your subscription. Generally, wechat circle of friends is divided into two categories, one is your familiar friends, family, classmates, colleagues and customers;

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