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How to convert cad07 to 04

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I used to be version 04, but I installed version 07. How can I change it back. The drawing saving result of version 04 is also version 07

if it’s software, if you installed 07 and want to use 04, delete 07 and reinstall 04. If 04 is a file, 04 CAD can’t open 07 files, but 07 can open 04 files! That is, the higher version of CAD can open the files of the lower version, but the lower version cannot open the files of the higher version. However, the higher version of CAD can convert the file to the lower version, and then 04 it can be opened directly. The method is point file – save as – select AutoCAD 2004 /lt2004 drawing DWX as the file type below

you can use the fast CAJ converter to convert the 07 version of CAD files into 04 version

search for “fast CAJ converter” on the Internet, and then download it on its official website

open the software, then click “other CAD conversion” above the software, and then click “CAD version conversion” on the left

add the CAD version file to be converted to the converter, then set the version to be converted, and finally click start conversion

the above is the method of CAD version conversion. I hope to adopt it

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