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How to deal with the general problems of food packaging machine?

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There is a problem with the machine recently, which has been solved, but I still want to know some other problems in this regard. Who can share with you

I. why does the shrinking machine heat up slowly or cannot rise to a higher temperature (above 160 ℃)
answer: the line of the heater is the main power line, which passes through a magnetic absorption switch and then to the electric heating tube. Therefore, check whether each contact of the magnetic absorption switch is normal first. If the line does not pass through one of the phases, the above phenomenon will occur. If the magnetic absorption switch is normal, check the ammeter again to see whether the ohmic value of each phase is the same as that of the machine. If normal, it should be short circuit. If all phases are connected but the circuit or electric heating tube is still abnormal, replace the heater
II. When the equipment is working, the film material is easy to offset and cannot be fed normally. How to adjust it
answer: in case of film material deviation in the equipment, if the film roll position and tension balance bar are invalid after adjustment, this problem can be solved by adjusting the angle of the upper triangular plate. If the upper film material deviates from the clamping chain, the upper triangular plate can be adjusted clockwise; If the following film material deviates from the clamping chain, the upper triangular plate can be adjusted counterclockwise
troubleshooting methods for common faults of vacuum packaging machine | steps:
1: clean the vacuum pump if the pump oil is polluted, too little or too thin, and replace the vacuum pump oil with a new one; The extraction time is too short to prolong the extraction time; The exhaust filter is blocked. Clean or replace the exhaust filter; If there is air leakage, turn off the power supply after evacuation, and check whether there is air leakage in the solenoid valve, pipe connector, vacuum pump suction valve and the sealing gasket around the working room
3: the O-ring of the suction valve falls off, unplug the vacuum pipe on the pump nozzle, remove the suction nozzle, take out the compression spring and suction valve, gently stretch the O-ring several times, re insert it into the groove, and then install it; If the rotary vane is worn, replace the rotary vane

4: the oil return valve is blocked. Remove the oil return valve and clean it (see the manual for details); After the oil window is loose and drained, remove the oil window and wrap it with raw material tape or thin plastic film

5: the exhaust filter is blocked or polluted, clean or replace the exhaust filter; The pump oil is polluted and replaced with new oil; The oil return valve is blocked. Clean the oil return valve

6: the heating strip is burnt out and replaced; The heating time relay is burnt out (the two lights are on at the same time when starting up, and the color of OMRON light is * * *), replace the time relay; Replace the heating wire when the heating wire is burnt out and install it firmly; The control heating temperature band switch has poor contact, repair or replace it; The AC contactor controlling heating does not reset, repair (blow away foreign matters with air flow) or replace; Replace the heating transformer

7: the heating time relay is in poor contact or burnt out, and adjust the contact or replacement between the time relay and the socket; Control heating AC contactor does not reset, repair or replace

8: heating time and heating temperature are not adjusted properly; There are attachments on the heating cloth, and gently scrape the attachments with your fingernails; When the pressurizing solenoid valve does not operate, clean or replace the solenoid valve; Replace the airbag if the airbag is damaged; Repair or replace the damaged pressurized air pipe; If the non deflated cooling time relay is broken (in the electrical box), replace the time relay; Check and connect the open circuit of the vent valve circuit; The bleeder valve sticks or burns out. Remove it for cleaning or replacement

10: the studio is not tightly covered, and the studio is tightly covered; Reverse rotation of the motor (pay attention not to change the ground wire, and the color wire is the ground wire); Fuse off (indicator light on) replace the fuse of the same specification

11: no power supply, check whether there is power supply; The travel switch does not act, adjust the travel switch paddle; The fuse is broken (the indicator light is on) replace the fuse of the same specification, burn the fuse frequently, and find and eliminate the short circuit; The reverse rotation time of the motor is too long, and any two-phase power lines are replaced and installed (except the ground wire); If the oil viscosity is too high, wash the pump and change the oil. Repair the short circuit in the paddle in the fuse box

in order to better prolong the service life of the labeling machine, regular inspection and regular maintenance are the most critical.

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