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How to distinguish between 2004 and 2007 CAD files

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question 1: you can’t see it directly. You can only see the version information when you open it. You can also see the statistical information in the archived attributes, which has accumulated editing time. The version you saved in 2004 is longer than that in 2008
question 2: the default saved version is 2008. What version do you use to open it? If you don’t change it manually, it’s the same version

you can only prompt the version on the command line after opening the file. It is impossible to see the version number when it is not opened
high version CAD can open low version drawings. If you want to open high version drawings with low version, you must set the low version number when saving in the high version in advance, so that the low version can be opened
if you modify the block of the 2004 version file in 2008, the 2004 version will still be the 2004 version when you save it. If it is the system default, it is the 2008 version

you can get some information in the attribute, such as the drawing time and modification time. Based on this, you can recall that the
2004 version can be opened with the 2007 version, but the 2007 version cannot be opened with the 2004 version. When saving later, you can pay attention to it or make some marks

when you save version 04, save as and change the name, such as adding “- 04”

if you want to know which is which before opening, you can see the creation date of the attribute. The early creation is 07, and the late creation is 04 ~

the default saving is 07, not 04

I hope my method can help you~

when opening a file, the command line below prompts you to open 2004 or 2007

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