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How to recycle and dispose of empty pesticide packaging bottles?

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  When pesticides are used up, the empty bottles, barrels, boxes and other packages containing drugs are generally stained with pesticides. Improper handling may cause poisoning accidents. To this end, we need to pay attention to the following links& amp; # 40; 1& # 41; It is strictly prohibited to throw and empty containers or packaging at random. They shall be collected and counted at any time by the person who keeps the pesticides. After spraying in the field, do not leave the empty medicine bottle on the roadside of the ridge& amp; # 40; 2& # 41; The packaging materials of some pesticides can be recycled by the factory. The


supply and marketing cooperatives should take the initiative to recycle them, clean them by relevant departments, and then send them to the pesticide factory
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 & nbsp; Now, pesticide packaging is becoming more and more refined and beautiful. Therefore, it must not be reserved for other purposes, let alone used to contain food, food and grain& amp; # 40; 3& # 41; If centralized incineration is of little value to recycling, it should be centralized incineration and can not be used as fuel to make fire, cook rice, boil water, etc. The packaging materials of herbicides and plant growth regulators should not be burned, because the smoke generated during combustion may harm crops. Metal or glass packaging materials shall be washed for 3 times and then smashed flat or deeply buried in the soil far away from water sources and residential areas
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