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Is it safer to pack lithium batteries in aluminum foil or steel plate?

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What impact will different packaging of lithium battery, polymer battery and iron lithium battery have on safety?

most of the soft pack batteries used now are aluminum-plastic films. The outer packaging does not play a decisive role in the safety of the battery. As long as the sealing is good. Aluminum is light, so it is preferred.

each has its own advantages and disadvantages
1: most of the early angular lithium-ion batteries were steel shells, which were mostly used for mobile phone batteries. Later, due to the low weight specific energy of the steel shell and poor safety, they were gradually replaced by aluminum shell and flexible packaging Lithium-Ion batteries. At present, some small factories still use steel shell to make product B mobile phone batteries and some low value-added MP3 and MP4 batteries

2: however, there is another scene in the column lithium battery. Most manufacturers use steel as the battery shell material, because the physical stability and pressure resistance of steel material are much higher than that of aluminum shell material. After the design structure optimization of each manufacturer, the safety device has been placed inside the battery cell, The safety of steel shell column battery has reached a new height

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