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Printing technology of anti-counterfeiting certificate

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as a kind of printed matter, the anti-counterfeiting label involves the following printing technologies: relief printing, gravure printing, lithographic printing, hole printing and digital printing
1: relief printing: a printing technology with the longest history, which is characterized by simple plate making process, flexible specifications and strong adaptability. The main disadvantages are: the quality of plate making process is difficult to control and the cost is expensive. Not suitable for Large Print
2: lithography: fast plate making, high quality, good color and low cost. It is a widely used printing technology
3: gravure printing: features: thick ink layer, good expressiveness, flexible printing size, high stress resistance and wide application range
4: hole printing: simple process, strong adaptability to ink and thick ink layer. But its stress resistance is poor
5: digital printing: no printing plate and film are needed, the printing information is convenient to change, the process is simple, and the printing cost is low

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