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Product standard of clean vegetables

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at present, there is no unified national standard for clean vegetables. The following are the product standards for clean vegetables determined by some places and people: 1. The inedible parts of vegetables, such as rotten leaves, yellow leaves, inedible roots and whiskers, have been removed
2. The pesticide residue is lower than the national standard, such as less than 0.2 mg /kg of dipyridamole and less than 1 mg /kg of promethazine
3. After preliminary disinfection, there is no pathogenic bacteria, and the total number of bacteria is less than 150000 /g
4. Prevent re pollution and have a certain shelf life
in February 2009, Wuhan confirmed 16 standards of “eight noes and eight haves”, and planned to promote clean vegetables in supermarkets and market markets:
eight NOEs are: no pesticide residues exceeding the standard, no heavy metal residues exceeding the standard, no nitrite residues exceeding the standard, no other pollution, no old green leaves, no sediment, no sundries, and no roots of stem and leaf vegetables
eight yes: there are production standards, production and marketing records, quality inspection, product packaging, harvest and shelf life dates, registered trademarks, edible instructions, and cold chain storage and transportation
in addition, clean dishes, represented by Yangling Agricultural Science City, are popular in Shaanxi and other provinces. There are dozens of clean vegetables from Yangling Agricultural Science City, large and small. Among them, the high-quality quality of Yangling Dakang clean vegetables and other clean vegetables companies: high-grade tray coated packaging, the introduction of foreign vegetable seeds, and the combination of traditional manual technology and current technology make the convenience, sanitation, green and other characteristics of clean vegetables more trusted by consumers

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