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Seeking; Triangular packaging expansion

by admin

Triangle is OK! It’s best to unfold the package!

this kind of chocolate is a triangle package. I can’t find it when it’s opened.
but people with common sense of mathematics know it.
TOBLERONE chocolate is the name. Check it yourself.

I sent a connection several times and said no — depressed!!

image./i? ct=503316480& z=0& tn=& word=toblerone ? ɿ ? ?& amp; in=12770& cl=2& cm=1& sc=0& lm=-1& pn=0& rn=1& di=& ln=6
image. yahoo/searchdtl_ v3? p=toblerone+chocolate& pe=& pp=& t=& c=& u=& sf=& sel=0& ori=image5. poco/mypoco/myphoto/20071230/16/_ 001_ 640.jpg& thu=tn63. yahoo/image/e2b/. jpeg
image./i? ct=503316480& z=0& tn=& word=toblerone& in=24844& cl=2& cm=1& sc=0& lm=-1& pn=11& rn=1& di=105389648& ln=16

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