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What are the benefits of whole wheat bread?

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whole wheat bread refers to the bread made of whole wheat flour without removing the outer bran and wheat germ, which is different from the general bread made of refined flour (that is, the flour ground after removing the bran and the nutritious subcutaneous colored part of the wheat grain)
whole wheat bread is characterized by a slight brown color. The naked eye can see many small grains of wheat bran. The texture is rough, but it has aroma. Because it has higher nutritional value than white bread and is rich in crude fiber, vitamin E, zinc, potassium and other minerals, it is very popular abroad. B vitamins are rich and microorganisms especially like it. Therefore, it is easier to mildew and deteriorate than ordinary bread
in order to reduce the cost, some bakeries usually make fake whole wheat bread. First, add color, add caramel or syrup to the white flour, and use the “carbonization” phenomenon under high baking temperature to make the baked bread have a very natural light brown and look like “whole wheat bread”. The specific identification method is that the cut of this kind of bread is relatively tight, and the flaw will be exposed when you taste it. The other is to add germ and bran to the white flour powder. The processed bread looks and tastes like whole wheat bread. However, although it tastes rough, the feeling of bran in the mouth is not as full as wheat particles
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1. Whole wheat bread is healthy because it contains fiber. Fiber is essential for digestive system health. It can also absorb some unnecessary cholesterol and fat
2. Eating whole wheat bread is easier to feel full. Sandwiches made of whole wheat bread will make you more satisfied because it can help you lose weight
3, the study found that children often eat refined flour will increase the risk of diabetes. Whole grains are absorbed more slowly by the body. This maintains blood sugar levels and prevents insulin from becoming too high or too low
4. Whole wheat food contains more antioxidants than other food products. It is well known that antioxidants can prevent cancer
5. It contains more protein, so it will make people feel energetic and keep it for a long time
the difference between the two kinds of bread lies in the processing process. Flour is processed from wheat. Wheat grain consists of bran, wheat germ and endosperm. When whole grains contain all these ingredients, white bread uses only endosperm & amp;, This is bleached. The bleaching process filters out more nutrients. In other words, white bread is deprived of most nutrients by eliminating wheat germ. Wheat germ contains most fiber and nutrients.

because whole wheat bread belongs to crude fiber food, its fat content is very low. It not only helps to lose weight, but also prevents cardiovascular diseases. Whole wheat bread has the original wheat flavor of wheat compared with ordinary white bread, and the bran is extremely rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6 and pantothenic acid. In addition to these good vitamins in wheat bran, wheat germ is rich in vitamin E, which can prevent the decline of physiological function. Whole wheat bread contains B vitamins, which has certain preventive and therapeutic effects on fatigue, backache, loss of appetite, beriberi, leprosy and various skin diseases. It is rich in crude fiber and has a certain therapeutic effect on constipation. Recent US experts have found that long-term consumption of wholemeal food or crude fiber food can effectively prevent the high incidence of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

when we chew a piece of whole wheat bread, we can not only eat rich cellulose and high nutrients, but also eat the natural original wheat flavor of wheat. If a little flavoring substances such as molasses are added to the formula, it will have a better flavor. The bread made of whole wheat flour has the original wheat flavor of wheat than ordinary white bread, and the bran is extremely rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6 and pantothenic acid. Vitamin B1 can stabilize the nervous system of the human body. If the human body lacks vitamin B1, it will feel tired, backache, loss of appetite and suffer from serious beriberi. Vitamin B2 can help the human body grow healthily and improve the digestive system. Vitamin B6 deficiency will affect normal growth, limb pain and various skin diseases. If the human body continuously lacks vitamin B6 for 9 ~ 10 weeks, the peripheral nerve will fall off and the nerve axis will be deformed, resulting in human stimulation sensitivity, gastrointestinal inhibition, shock and spasm. Pantothenic acid, also known as anti leprosy factor, will produce leprosy when lacking. In addition to these good vitamins in wheat bran, wheat germ is rich in vitamin E, which can prevent the decline of physiological function. Therefore, if you often eat whole wheat bread, your body will keep healthy and energetic. Therefore, we should vigorously promote the consumption of whole wheat bread and bran bread. At present, whole wheat bread has become an essential healthy food for many consumers on the table every day.

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