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What are the brands of winding machines?

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Shanghai guangkuo is a manufacturer specializing in winding machines
if you need equipment, you can access the official website of Baidu “Shanghai guangkuo”

Suzhou Maike heat shrinkable machine series, sealing and cutting packaging machine series, winding machine series, packer series, sealing machine series, sealing machine series, assembly line series and packaging material series. Detailed V:
technical support: there are special R & D institutions to support the development and quality improvement of new products
Company tenet: quality first, sincere service and reputation first!

jsk winding machine has obtained a number of national patented technologies. Compared with traditional winding machines, it mainly has the following outstanding advantages:
1 One key remote control automatic packaging; No labor is required. Save time and effort
2. The industry’s first winding film rope system can significantly reduce the damage during transportation; The package is tighter to protect items
3. Film breaking automatic alarm system
4. Chassis ultra silent system; Reduce noise pollution
5. The patented constant force film discharging system can achieve the maximum drawing ratio of 350% of the winding film, ensure the uniform stress of the goods, and save 30% of the material cost of the winding film.

zy-2000c winding machine is good. You can consider it

Shanghai Yuanxu packaging, specializing in the production of winding machines for 17 years. Trustworthy products belong to high-tech companies!

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