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What are the characteristics of Coca Cola’s glass bottle packaging?

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Which expert can help analyze the characteristics of Coca Cola packaging (container shape, size, color, pattern structure, etc., which are in line with consumers’ psychology?)

I know that today’s coca cola bottles are inspired by tight dresses. The twist pattern in the middle and lower part is like the wrinkle of the skirt, and the middle part is perfect like a woman’s hip
it’s hard to say the size. The Coca Cola bottle you can see now is generally 200ml, but it used to have various capacities, with the largest being 2L
in terms of color, embossed bottles generally have no color. The 200ml coca cola bottles that can be seen now are only printed with white text patterns. Some old versions at home and some foreign versions use trademark patterns with white characters on a red background. Some commemorative bottles will have color patterns or be wrapped with a circle of color bottle labels or wrapped with adhesive tape
the pattern structure or something. Generally, the main body of the bottle is the Ribbon trademark of Coca Cola or the word coke, which is very elegant.
there is a saying that because the structure of the bottle is medium, large and small, it gives people the feeling of a lot of weight when it contains Coca Cola. I don’t agree, because the lower part of meinian 200ml bottle is straight, but it is bigger than Coca Cola 200ml. I think it should be the thickness of the glass. Anyway, when Coca Cola or Pepsi glass bottles contain coke, it gives people the feeling of a lot of weight (now the capacity of a can of coke is 330ml)
in terms of consumer psychology, Because it should be a beautiful bottle (I think Coca Cola’s glass bottle is the best), the texture of the glass, and it’s quite stylish to walk on the street with a glass bottle (because many people don’t know that they can take away the glass bottle most of the time with or without a deposit. As long as you promise to bring it back, many people don’t even know that there are glass bottle packaging sales), In addition, when the glass bottle is filled with coke, people feel that it has a lot of weight, and the price is cheap. One to five 200ml should be cheaper than most plastic bottles
I hope it will be useful

features: elegant curve, streamlined design, easy to grasp
you may have heard many legends about Coca Cola’s classic glass bottle design. Its designer was Alexander Samson, an ordinary young worker in a glass factory in 1898; The bottle body has a golden ratio; The unparalleled grip is inspired by women’s hip curve and so on (nothing, it is said that the original tail design of Audi classic A4 is also inspired by women’s hip curve). Finally, the design patent was bought by Coca Cola for $6 million, which has been used until now.


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