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What are the characteristics of granules?

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granular material with a certain fineness, which is made by the technical drug adsorbed by the carrier in a certain proportion. At present, granules have become one of the most important pesticide formulations. Japan began in 1958 to process 2,4-drops, and later developed to sodium pentachlorophenol and BHC; Since 1965, the granules of paraquat, salbutamol, diazinon and isopyrimethamine have been developed successively. The characteristics of granules are as follows: ① the granules will not drift away and can be accurately applied to the target; ② No dust flying during use; ③ It is not necessary to prepare liquid medicine or use special spraying equipment. It can be directly sprayed by hand. Therefore, it is an ideal dosage form with energy saving and labor saving

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