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What are the packaging design characteristics of liquid cosmetics?

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liquid makeup; Various make-up water (such as toner, prickly heat water, firming water and moisturizer); Perfume, essence and so on are all liquid cosmetics. Br>
liquid cosmetics are easy to penetrate or overflow (such as toner, hair water, etc.). Some of them also have strong volatility (such as perfume and fragrance, which easily lose fragrance). Even containing organic solvent components (such as nail polish and wash package), for its special properties such as permeability, volatility, or organic solvents, packaging materials and containers should have good barrier properties and sealing performance, and sometimes require a certain solvent resistance (such as nail polish packaging). In view of the characteristics of good liquid fluidity, easy overflow and easy access by dumping the container, it is required that the opening of the packaging container should not be too large. The commonly used packaging materials

the packaging materials commonly used for liquid cosmetics mainly include glass materials, plastic materials, high-grade paperboard, etc. Among them, glass materials are mainly used to manufacture glass bottles and cans with various specifications, sizes and structural shapes; Plastic materials such as polypropylene and polystyrene are often used to make plastic bottles of various shapes, and polypropylene is also often used to make bottle caps of various shapes; In order to increase the decorative effect of high-grade plastic bottles, in addition to bottle body printing, coloring materials can also be added during production to make bottles of various colors. Metal steaming dyeing, gold plating and thermal printing can also be used for surface decoration to meet the needs of different grades of packaging. Plastic bottles commonly used for packaging cosmetics mainly include polyethylene bottles (blow molding), polyvinyl chloride bottles (injection molding, stretch blow molding), polyester bottles (stretch blow molding), polystyrene bottles (injection molding), polypropylene bottles (extrusion blow molding), etc

plastic bottles used for liquid cosmetics packaging are generally small mouth bottles, which are mainly used to package all kinds of make-up water, such as toner, prickly heat water, firming water, moisturizer, etc. The lower level perfume (such as Cologne, also known as cologne water, is usually 2 to 5%, alcohol concentration is 75 to 85% or 70 to 85%). Sometimes it is packaged in plastic bottles (or equipped with spray devices and color printing cartons), and the volume of general bottles is large. Polypropylene bottles (cans) can be used for spray packaging of perfumes and fragrances. Br>
when packaging all kinds of make-up water in plastic bottles, the bottle type, color, transparency and various decorations used vary a lot, so as to highlight the characteristics of the products and promote sales. For example, when using transparent plastic bottles for packaging, generally only simple line printing is carried out to highlight the clear and transparent characteristics of the products to attract consumers; When plastic bottles of various colors are used for packaging, they should be decorated by printing or pasting labels on the bottle body to convey the product information and win the favor of consumers; Carry out the modeling design of novel bottle shape and bottle cap, and cooperate with the pattern of bottle body to show the characteristics of products, so as to arouse consumers’ curiosity and stimulate consumers’ desire to buy; Sometimes, color printing cartons, windowed cartons and plastic bottles are combined to form sales packaging

plastic bottles are used for the packaging of liquid cosmetics. The container forming and processing is simple and convenient, and it is easy to change the color and transparency of the bottle. A variety of methods can be used for surface decoration, which is suitable for large-scale production with low comprehensive cost and can better meet people’s needs

glass bottle packaging

glass bottle has good chemical stability and is not easy to react with its contents; Good transparency. Colorants such as iron, cobalt and chromium can be added to the raw materials to produce glass bottles of various colors (such as amber glass, green glass, cyan and white glass, cobalt blue glass, milky white glass and milky glass); Good heat resistance and not easy to deform; High compressive strength and internal pressure resistance; High density and sense of weight (suitable for high-grade cosmetics packaging); Good barrier, sanitation and preservation, easy to seal, and can be tightly sealed again after opening. But at the same time, the shape design of the bottle cap should be perfectly combined with the bottle shape to give people the enjoyment of beauty, so as to stimulate consumers’ desire to buy

perfume and essence glass bottle packaging

perfume and essence are commonly used liquid products in daily life. They all have fragrant, strong and lasting fragrance. Their packaging generally adopts glass bottles and containers to meet the requirements and noble characteristics of their packaging. Some of the lower perfumes (such as Cologne) can also be packed in plastic bottles. Br>
is used for packaging glass bottles with perfume and essence. It is rich in shape and is widely used in many kinds of transparent glass bottles. Various patterns are often produced when processing bottles, so as to increase the decorative effect of bottles. The size and size of bottles are based on the characteristics, requirements and grades of perfumed fragrances and fragrances. The design of bottle cap has good sealing performance, beautiful and changeable shape, which can play a good decorative role; Generally, the bottle body is not printed with a pattern (even if the pattern is printed, the pattern is small and does not affect the overall display effect of the bottle), but shows the clear and transparent characteristics of the product. The trademark and pattern are generally printed on the bottle cap or hung with a nameplate at the bottleneck. Typical bottle shape and cap designs mainly include:

① general bottle shape design and bottle mouth design, combined with functional bottle caps (such as various dumping caps), which can be dumped and dipped directly by hand. This way of packaging is less expensive (such as the packaging of Cologne), the volume of the bottle is large, and the packaging cost is low, which is suitable for the consumption of the masses. Br>
2. The bottle shape have great originality and beauty in structure and shape design, and the design of the bottle cap is also ingenious. It cooperates with the bottle shape to form the perfume and essence packaging, which reflects the high quality of the interior and gives people a sense of grace and beauty. At the same time, the bottle mouth is equipped with a spray device to facilitate the quantitative and directional utilization, so as to achieve the goal of saving. In addition, the sales package is also equipped with appropriate cartons with elegant and chic printing. This kind of packaging is suitable for the packaging of high-grade perfume and essence, and the sales target is a high consumption ability crowd. Br>
3. “Pearl” perfume packaging design. In the market, the packaging form known as the “Pearl” perfume is actually named according to the characteristics of the bottle mouth structure of the perfume bottle. The bottle type used in this packaging form is generally a cylindrical transparent glass bottle with small specification and size, and the bottle mouth is covered with a “polyethylene rolling inner cover” and covered with a layer of plastic or metal screw cover. In fact, the rolling inner cover is a normal pressure filling method (also known as gravity filling method) that can be selected when being canned. The filling process can be easily completed by using the self weight and good fluidity of liquid cosmetics. In addition, other filling methods can be selected, such as vacuum filling method (which can improve the filling speed and accuracy), siphon filling method (which can reduce the loss of flavor), diaphragm volumetric filling method (high filling precision, fast speed, clean and sanitary), liquid level sensing filling method (accurate positioning, fast speed, suitable for the filling of small neck bottles and glass bottles), etc. In actual production, the appropriate filling method can be selected according to the specific characteristics of the product, filling requirements and product grade

after canning, enter the sealing stage according to the type of container used, tighten the cover of the container filled with liquid material or seal it in other ways to complete the filling process. If other packaging operations are required, such as labeling, cartoning, etc., then enter the following process, and finally complete the whole packaging process.

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