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What are the packaging methods and materials of cut flowers?

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cut flower products can be packaged after grading (sometimes some pretreatment). Packaging can not improve the quality and replace refrigeration, but a good combination of packaging, storage and transportation can maintain the best quality of products

1. Packaging method

when packaging cut flowers, it is generally bundled into bundles according to a certain number, then each bundle of flowers is wrapped with some wrapping materials, and finally placed in the packing box. It should be noted that flowers should not be placed in the middle of the box, but close to both ends. Put ice in the packing box to help cool down. In addition, flower packaging should also be carried out at low temperature to avoid heating

2. Wrapping material

wrapping can not only protect flower buds from mechanical damage, but also reduce respiratory consumption and water loss to varying degrees. The most convenient wrapping materials are available newspapers, but generally flexible plastics are suitable, mainly including low-density polyethylene plastic film, high-density polyethylene plastic film and polypropylene plastic film. The experiment of wrapping rose with the above materials shows that the wrapping effect of high-density polyethylene plastic film is the best, and the wrapping effect of newspaper is poor. Due to its good sealing performance, the CO2 concentration accumulated in the high polymer film bag is the highest, up to 2.1%, which has an obvious inhibitory effect on respiratory metabolism. The temperature in the bag changes slightly, decreases slowly, rises slowly, and the water is not easy to lose, so the preservation time is the longest. If the bag is filled with O2 absorbent or refrigerant (ice), the fresh-keeping effect is better. Due to poor sealing performance, newspaper packaging is easy to lose water, low CO2 concentration, greatly affected by external environmental conditions, rapid temperature drop and rapid recovery, so the fresh-keeping time is short

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