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What are the packaging technologies of Coca Cola?

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as soon as you enter the visiting corridor of the production workshop, you can have a panoramic view of the Coca Cola beverage production workshop through the overall transparent glass. According to the commentator, the company strictly abides by the principle of “ensuring the health of consumers”. A series of processes from the production of the beverage itself to the filling, sealing and packaging are based on the principle of avoiding and reducing the possibility of pollution to the greatest extent, and is sincerely responsible for the safety of consumers. All processes use fully automated equipment to reduce the chance of human contact and effectively avoid the possibility of pollution.

there are two cokes. Which one do you want?

the comparison of the old and new packaging of coke (355ml old cans on the left and 330ml new cans on the right). There are three groups of data: 1. The retail price of the old and new cans remains unchanged (1.9 yuan in some places, 2.0 yuan or 2.1 yuan in some places, slightly different in different channels); 2. Each can is less than 25ml coke, about 7% reduction; 3. In FMCG industry, the terminal retail price can be reduced by 3-4 cents for every penny of cost reduction by the manufacturer, and the profit margin of the manufacturer and dealer remains unchanged
1. From a commercial point of view, this is normal business behavior. It is neither good nor bad. In the current situation of high price rise of raw materials (including packaging raw materials), it is normal for enterprises to reduce the total cost of products or increase the price in disguise through certain methods, otherwise consumers may not buy Coke one day (although I never drink coke), just as many enterprises have increased the price recently. Compared with 355ml cans, 330ml cans can save a few cents (the cost of an aluminum can is about seventy-eight cents). With 25ml less liquid, the cost reduction is very obvious without reducing the price. However, director Zhao said that for environmental protection reasons, the Olympic Games were involved. He said that saving 1200 tons of aluminum and treating the people as fools were pure bullshit. As a normal business behavior, it is reasonable to say that business behavior is OK. Why do you have to steal beams and columns, hide your ears and steal bells, and why do you have to wear a coat that benefits the country and the people? Is this the so-called corporate social responsibility of multinational corporations? Ten years ago, multinational corporations could still deceive the Chinese people. Can they still deceive the Chinese people today
2. From the perspective of environmental protection, it is definitely not conducive to environmental protection. Although the easy pull ring of the new tank is not disposable and can be recycled with the tank, the amount of aluminum is also increased due to the change of capacity. Based on my basic understanding in this industry, the same type of packaging is changed from large packaging to small packaging, and the use of packaging materials is increased relative to the commodity itself, such as a pack of 5000g rice (large packaging) and 50 packs of 100g rice (small packaging). It is obvious who uses more and who uses less packaging materials. Similarly, 330 355ml (large package) cokes and 355 330ml (small package) cokes obviously use more packaging materials (because I never drink coke, so I don’t have the weight data of empty old and new cans. If anyone has weighed them with a balance, the data will be more accurate). The only possible balance is that someone used to consume 330 large packaged cokes. After changing to small packaging, his consumption may be less than 355. The damage to environmental protection can be properly balanced by reducing the consumption. At the same time, the negative impact on environmental protection can be properly balanced by recycling with cans. However, all the actions of commercial companies will only promote the increase of consumption, otherwise Coca Cola will no longer produce coke, which is not more conducive to environmental protection. Overall, not to mention that it may have a worse impact on environmental protection, but at least it will not be good for environmental protection
3. From the perspective of packaging design or technology, this is a very bad “change”, without any technical content or innovative concept. When the retail price remains unchanged and the capacity is reduced by 25ml, your coke company should at least give people a refreshing and innovative feeling on the packaging. Then ordinary consumers won’t care that you are raising the price in disguise. On the one hand, it is a simple and widely used technology, but Coca Cola has not done its due diligence before. This time it is just a “make-up lesson”, which has been adopted by many other beverage companies; On the other hand, “recycling with cans” itself is the requirement of European environmental protection regulations. However, without such regulations, China deceives the Chinese people, which is actively responsible for environmental protection, In fact, this is not allowed under the mandatory requirements of European regulations (this is the basic regulation requirement of the European Union. Due to the long history of coke aluminum cans, they belong to backward technology, but the cost of backward technology and equipment transformation is not low in the world. However, due to the recent rise in raw material costs, we use this opportunity to reduce the capacity and change it at the same time. The benefits of such capacity reduction greatly offset the cost of global technological transformation.), Considering the unified “cross dressing” of multinational corporations, Europe should change, and China and other markets must also change; I just don’t know if the retail price has been reduced in Europe
4. From the perspective of the company’s business planning, due to the above three points, Coca Cola wore a new emperor’s dress when making an official speech, which is also an extremely poor business planning. Thus causing continuous Crusades. Generally speaking, when facing cost pressure, the company will first resolve it from the perspective of internal management and hidden cost reduction; In fact, if the cost pressure is too high, it will also be resolved through price increases, such as P & G, golden dragon fish and other enterprises. This is understandable and quite normal. Although the people have a little criticism about it, there is nothing they can do in the end, at least it will not develop into a national crusade. At present, only Coca Cola has done so badly
5. PepsiCo is also planning to change 355ml to 330ml. This time, it was exposed in advance due to Coca Cola. Fortunately, PepsiCo has not been listed yet. It depends on whether Pepsi will show better wisdom and more honest style in this crisis. But I think it’s a little difficult.

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