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What equipment is needed to open a packing box processing factory and how much is it

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opening a packing box processing plant requires ink printing slotting machine, main box gluing machine, die-cutting machine, paper separation and wire pressing machine, thin knife machine and three-purpose machine. There are other auxiliary equipment, paper feeder, baler, baler, etc

it takes about 300000 to 400000 yuan to open a packing box processing factory. The cost of equipment should be configured in a reasonable quantity according to the scale of the plant. The packaging box processing equipment also contains a lot of things. The cost of a set is not cheap. A smaller plant costs more than 100000 yuan

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most of the gift boxes are printed paper. The gift box is an outer packaging box. It pays attention to the printing process. The most taboo color differences, ink dots and rotten boards will affect the aesthetic outlook

the color paper on the surface of the gift box of the packaging box shall be subject to surface treatment. The common ones are polish glue, dumb glue, UV, polish oil, dumb oil, bronzing, etc

beer is a very important link in the printing process. It must be accurate in order not to affect the follow-up work. The key is to make the knife die. The link of knife mold is also important, because if the knife mold is not allowed to design documents, it will greatly affect the finished products. Therefore, when making knife mold, it is best to take the printed finished products to the knife mold master to make alignment

if it is necessary to buckle and punch holes, they shall be completed during assembly. If these packing box processes are not used. To do the final surface cleaning, wipe the surface glue with sewage, and then you can pack and deliver

the investment depends on the output. Printing, film coating and pressing equipment are needed. Film covering is to cover the packaging box with plastic film to prevent moisture and bumps
pressing is to press multilayer paper and plastic film together.

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 Hello! Opening a packing box processing plant requires 

1。 Beer machine, 930 * 660, second-hand 12000, new 30000. More than 40000 new ones are fully opened, and those that are super fully opened are more expensive than 70000 and more than 100000. And a fully automatic one or two million

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2。 Glue mounting machine, thousands of pieces manually, more than 100000 automatic domestic machines 

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3。 Booker, about 5000

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4。 Box gluing machine, about 50000, or manual box gluing

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 also, whether the color surface is printed by yourself or processed externally. For self printing, we need a printing machine to make color boxes. Generally, we use second-hand imported machines, about 5.6 million, and a copying machine


 therefore, you'd better look at your own business structure and find an experienced master to give you suggestions. To be honest, 500000 can start, but the specification is relatively small, it's hard to do, and doing well is inversely proportional to working well. I wish you success

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