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What is a hot film and what is a cold film

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cold film function: calm subcutaneous tissue, shrink pores, clear away heat and detoxify. Suitable for: oily and sensitive
hot compress is a simple and practical method to treat diseases. Heat dilates the blood vessels of the skin. If the whole skin is full of blood, 1 /2 to 2 /3 of the blood in the body will accumulate in the skin
therefore, when the heat is transferred to the blood in the skin, it will quickly transfer the heat to other parts of the body, so as to accelerate the local blood circulation, increase the content of oxygen in the blood, and accelerate the metabolic rate of the body, so it can promote the absorption of local inflammation
after hot compress, the waste in the muscle will also be eliminated quickly to reduce fatigue, prevent spasm and make the muscle relaxed and comfortable. Therefore, many families use hot compress to treat diseases, remove fatigue, loose tissue, trauma is easy to cause hematoma and relieve eye fatigue. Hot compress must be carried out 1 ~ 2 days after injury

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