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What is the concept of packaging design

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nowadays, people are exposed to all kinds of goods in life, work and study. Some of these goods are the same, and the best way to distinguish them is their outer packaging. This also reflects how important packaging design is. What is the concept of packaging design
the development of modern science and technology, the progress of culture and the improvement of production level have had a great impact on the culture of packaging design and promoted the development of packaging design, which is reflected in the concepts of production and values, life, morality and ethics, thinking, aesthetics, consumption and national psychology. The concept of packaging design should include:
1. Packaging design should have accuracy
packaging design has strong accuracy. We should have market awareness in packaging design. When packaging and designing products, packaging design departments and designers must be fully familiar with the places where goods are exchanged and the consumer behavior of consumers in using packaged products. The packaging we design is to better promote products. Only the packaging recognized by consumers can produce the real value of design, When designing packaging, we must not add too much subjective meaning, nor blindly seek special creativity and exaggerate too much. This is not recognized by consumers, so we will lose more than we gain. Packaging design is different from other designs. It must be designed and planned according to the size of the product and the quantity to be contained
2. Packaging design should have its own materiality
packaging design includes the material carrier of design technical elements, which has the characteristics of materiality, foundation and variability. Packaging design includes the material carrier of design technical elements. It has the characteristics of materiality, foundation and variability. In the case of many commodity packaging, more and more consumers are not only concerned about the beauty of the packaging, but many people care about some characteristics of the packaging itself. It is mainly reflected in what materials the packaging is made of and whether this material is environmentally friendly, Whether it is harmful to the body and whether it is convenient to carry
3. Packaging design should be cultural
packaging design is a cultural psychological state, so it can also be regarded as the consciousness level of culture. It is in the core and leading position and is the basis and basis for all activities of various elements of the design system. Now when we can see a lot of foreign packaging in shopping malls, we can clearly find that their design is not only packaging products with rich elements, but also adding a lot of local national culture into the design, In this way, consumers can accurately know the cultural characteristics of the product. For example, when designing the packaging of many goods in Japan, designers are willing to design their own local elements on the packaging box, especially the Japanese food packaging design
packaging design cannot lack individuality. If it lacks individuality, it is not easy to impress consumers, which is also the main problem in packaging design. How to apply their own enterprise personality in packaging design is the key consideration of designers.

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