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What is the production process and flow of solid wood flooring

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how to change from towering trees to solid wood floors? There are many professional production processes. Solid wood flooring production process knowledge:

1. Material selection and processing

the vast majority of logs or slabs of solid wood flooring are imported from Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other places, and it takes at least 3-5 months to import a batch of wood. The imported logs shall be peeled, sawn and leveled into standard slabs, then stacked in layers and crisscross for natural drying, then dried in the kiln, and then cured and balanced

2. Moisture content control

even if the imported blank plate has a high moisture content (preventing plate cracking), it has to be stacked and dried, kiln dried, and then balanced. The processing process of reducing the moisture content of the plate from 30% ~ 90% to about 15% takes 2 weeks for the fast and 3 ~ 4 months for the slow according to the material type, season, site and process equipment. If it is teak blank board, it should be exposed to the sun for 10 ~ 30 days in sunny weather to make it golden and beautiful

3. Machining

next is the floor machining process. The basic process is: slab inspection (measuring moisture content, color separation, etc.) → sanding → color separation → repair → sanding → back grooving → open end grooving tenon → longitudinal grooving tenon

due to the natural individual differences of each solid wood floor, the above processes are not suitable for continuous processing of the production line and are intermittent operations, Each board must pass the targeted appearance and dimensional quality inspection in each process. The boards that do not meet the standard requirements will be repaired, reworked and degraded. This process takes 2-3 days

4、 Floor paint process

the basic process is: panel repair → immersion in anti cracking oil → color sealing of tenon → sanding → putty filling → UV curing → sanding → upper attached primer → dry curing → upper sealing primer → dry curing → primer → UV curing → sanding → UV curing → sanding → primer → UV curing → sanding → UV curing → sanding → UV curing → primer application → UV curing → sanding → back coating → UV curing → finish rolling → paint spraying → UV curing → high performance finish coating → UV curing → color separation and grading → code spraying → packaging → sampling inspection according to standards → qualified products → delivery. The process takes 3 ~ 5 days

wood pretreatment: wood splitting – natural drying (air drying) – Manual drying (drying kiln) ——Curing
panel processing: feeding – positioning four side planing – fixed length four side planing – double end fine cutting – sectioning – manual sorting – panel assembly
core plate processing: feeding – preferred cutting – sectioning – Selection – core plate assembly
forming: panel, core plate Backplane feeding – gluing – blank assembly – hot pressing – stacking – curing
sanding: bottom sanding – surface sanding
finishing: it is composed of Ruo trunk road putty, primer and finish painting sections respectively
tenon groove: longitudinal tenon groove – transverse tenon groove – spraying
inspection and packaging: grading – Inspection – Packaging – Warehousing

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