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What is the purpose of Coca Cola’s paper packaging?

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reduce costs and more environmentally friendly

Coca Cola will launch paper packaging in order to improve the environment

according to media reports, Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola and Nestle have been rated as the world’s largest plastic polluters for the third consecutive year and are accused of “zero progress” in reducing plastic waste

the report pointed out that among the 51 countries surveyed, Coca Cola was the most frequently discarded beverage bottle found on beaches, rivers, parks and other places, and was rated as the world’s largest plastic polluter in the annual audit of BreakFree from plastic

to this end, Coca Cola is developing environmentally friendly packaging to improve the environment

extended data:

Coca Cola has finally changed its packaging

on April 1, it was reported that Coca Cola has developed new environmentally friendly packaging

the new package consists of a paper shell with plastic lining and a recyclable plastic cover, and will be tested for the first time in Hungary in the second quarter of this year. Coca Cola said that the ultimate goal of the company is to develop paper bottles that can be completely recycled and make its own contribution to the environmental protection of the earth

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