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What is the reason why the vacuum packaging machine does not open the door automatically?

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it may be caused by mechanical faults in the packaging machine, such as short circuit or aging failure of departmental parts
read the user manual carefully. There will be detailed functions in it. Introduce a maintenance method. Study it several times. If it’s not a big problem, it’s estimated that it can be repaired soon
if you can’t handle it, you should contact the seller, or consult the after-sales service, and send someone to further check and repair it, because it is also a professional thing with a certain technical content. Try to find a professional master to repair it, which is more reliable.

composition of vacuum packaging machine: vacuum pump, motor, vacuum chamber, sealing strip, plexiglass plate upper cover, air bag, solenoid valve, etc
upper and lower vacuum chambers and sealing rings
the commonly called vacuum packaging machine is a cavity structure, which is composed of an upper vacuum chamber, a lower vacuum chamber and a sealing ring placed between the upper and lower vacuum chambers. The upper and lower vacuum chambers are generally made of aluminum alloy after casting and milling, or the stainless steel sheet is welded and flattened after folding or molding. There are also upper and lower vacuum chambers made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel respectively. Aluminum alloy includes ordinary alloy and aluminum magnesium alloy. The latter is acid-base and corrosion-resistant, but the cost is high. After milling, the sealing plane and sealing groove plane of aluminum alloy vacuum chamber are very flat, and the sealing performance of vacuum chamber is good. The common thickness of stainless steel sheet is 2-4mm, which is thin and easy to deform after vacuum pressure, resulting in weld cracking and vacuum chamber leakage. In addition, sealing grooves are generally set on the planes around the vacuum chamber on stainless steel. Due to the influence of processing technology, the flatness of sealing grooves is poor, and the sealing performance of vacuum chamber is reduced accordingly. Therefore, for some models, the upper vacuum chamber is made of aluminum alloy and then milled to process the sealing groove, and the lower vacuum chamber is made of thick stainless steel plate into flat plate, taking its advantages and making up for its disadvantages. When purchasing, aluminum alloy can be used for packaging dry and non corrosive materials such as solids and particles, while stainless steel or aluminum magnesium alloy can be used for packaging materials with soup and high salt and acid components. Silicone rubber and black rubber are generally used as sealing rings, and foamed rubber is used for a few low-grade products. Silicone rubber has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good sealing performance and long service life. Foamed rubber has poor sealing performance, easy to fall off and short service life
opening and displacement of upper vacuum chamber and balancing device
there are two types of common vacuum packaging machines: single chamber and double chamber. The single chamber is a turnover plate. There are two groups of supports at the rear of the upper and lower vacuum chambers, with a long shaft with double torsion springs in the middle. The force is balanced by the double torsion springs, and the opening angle is 45-75 degrees. The double chamber is reciprocating. The lower vacuum chamber is divided into left and right working chambers. The upper vacuum chamber is supported by four connecting rods for left and right displacement. The four connecting rods are fixed on two long shafts with tension spring fork on the long shaft. The lower part of the two tension springs is positioned on the frame and the upper part is positioned on the tension spring fork to balance the operating gravity. The two long shafts are positioned by two groups of bearing seats, Micro bearings are also embedded in the upper part of the four connecting rods, so the left and right displacement is very easy. A little pressure is added during vacuum startup, and it can be opened automatically after air return. The four connecting rods supporting the displacement upper vacuum chamber, the front and rear two on each long axis, must be parallel, and the left and right groups of connecting rods must also be relatively parallel to ensure that the upper vacuum chamber is parallel to the lower vacuum chamber at any position on the left and right. Otherwise, if the upper and lower vacuum chambers cannot be parallel, the operating pressure will increase significantly, and even the vacuum can not be established normally in serious cases
hot pressing sealing device and printing device
the device is installed in the vacuum chamber. There are usually two groups and one group. Generally, the movable part of the single chamber flap is installed in the lower vacuum chamber, while the reciprocating movable part of the double chamber is installed in the upper vacuum chamber. The movable part device is mainly composed of the following parts. The frame of the heat sealing air chamber is fixed in the upper vacuum chamber, and the two ends are provided with guide posts The spring forms a return device. The two ends of the hot pressing frame seat are provided with guide sleeves, which are sleeved on the guide column. There is a hot sealing air chamber between the hot sealing air chamber frame and the hot pressing frame seat (also known as the vacuum chamber as the atmospheric chamber, and the hot sealing air chamber as the small air chamber). The hot sealing air chamber adopts plastic water pipes, the two ends are clamped with clamping pipes, and can also be glued with rubber water for the inner tube of bicycle or rickshaw. There is an air nozzle in the middle, The hot pressing frame base is fixed with a hot pressing frame body processed by epoxy plate, and the two ends are provided with a winding shaft. The Ni Cr alloy belt is tightly wound and positioned by the winding shaft, and the outer surface is covered with heat sealing lacquer cloth. The fixed part of the device is mainly composed of a printing rubber strip frame and a printing rubber strip. The printing rubber strip is processed with heat-resistant silicone rubber, one plane is provided with twill or straight lines, and the other side is provided with round holes or square holes. The round words or square words processed with silicone rubber are embedded in it, and the concave convex and transparent production date is printed at the same time. If colored printing is required, another color belt printer is required
vacuum pump, vacuum gauge and vacuum solenoid valve
there are two installation methods of vacuum pump. One is built-in, usually xd-020 and xd-040 single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump. Generally, xd-020 pump is used for 400 packaging machine and xd-040 pump is used for 500 packaging machine. Some manufacturers also use two xd-020 pumps to replace one xd-040 pump to reduce costs, but xd-020 pump has 2880 rpm and high speed, Fast wear and short service life, while xd-040 pump has 1440 rpm, low speed, large force distance and relatively long service life. The other is external type. 2x-15 two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump is usually used. The pump has fast air extraction rate and higher vacuum degree than single-stage pump. It is generally suitable for large production batch with high vacuum degree requirements, or it is required to be installed outdoors to reduce exhaust pollution
Vacuum gauges are usually axial front mounted on the operation panel or on the front of the fuselage. They are usually ¢ 60 meters with an accuracy of grade 2.5; ¢ 100 meter with accuracy of grade 1.5
two vacuum solenoid valves are usually used. One is a ¢ 5 two position three-way solenoid valve, which is mainly used to control the up and down displacement of the hot pressing sealing device. The other is ¢ 15 two position two-way solenoid valve, which is mainly used to open the channel after vacuum and heat sealing, so as to return the atmosphere to the vacuum chamber, otherwise the vacuum chamber cannot be opened
time relay, transformer, AC contactor, etc.
two time relays are usually used. One controls vacuum time, usually 30s or 60s; The other is to control the heat sealing time, usually 5S or 6S. There are three common types. One is js14a-y external type, the body is installed on the electrical circuit board, and the adjustment knob is installed on the operation panel; The other is rotary table type, the body is installed on the operation panel, and the body is equipped with a large rotary table; In addition, there is a digital display, which is installed on the operation panel, 0-99s for vacuum and 0-9.9s for heat seal
two transformers are usually used. The smaller one is the control transformer. The input voltage is 380V and the output voltage is 220V to provide the working power supply of the control circuit, and the output voltage is 6.3V to provide the power supply of the indicator light. The larger ones are heat sealing transformers, generally 400W for 400 packaging machines and 600W for 500 packaging machines. The input is 380V (220V for a small number of single-phase power packaging machines). The output is generally 20-36v, which is divided into five grades. The first grade 20V heat sealing current is the smallest and the fifth grade 36V heat sealing current is the largest
there are usually two AC contactors. One controls the operation of vacuum pump and the other controls the operation of heat sealing transformer. Generally, the working voltage is 220V and the working current is 10A
because the working voltage of control circuit is 220V, the working voltage of time relay, vacuum solenoid valve, AC contactor, counter and other coils is 220V
vacuum packaging machines, including food vacuum packaging machines, are composed of vacuum system, pumping and inflation sealing system, hot pressing sealing system, electrical control system, etc. The external pumping vacuum packaging machine automatically seals the packaging bag immediately after it is pumped into a low vacuum. Due to the high vacuum in the bag, there is very little residual air, which inhibits the reproduction of bacteria and other microorganisms, and avoids oxidation, mildew and corruption of articles. At the same time, for some soft articles, after being packaged by the full-automatic vacuum packaging machine, the packaging volume can be reduced, which is convenient for transportation and storage. The principle of desktop vacuum packaging machine is to use plastic composite film or plastic aluminum foil composite film as packaging material to carry out true air packaging or vacuum inflatable packaging for solid, liquid, powdery and paste food, grain, fruit, pickles, preserved fruit, chemicals, electronic components, precision instruments and meters, rare metals, etc
troubleshooting in this section of folding editing
the following common problems will be encountered in the process of using vacuum packaging machine: 1 Low vacuum 2 Loud noise 3 Vacuum pump injection 4 Oil leakage of vacuum pump 5 Large oil fume of vacuum pump 6 No heating 7 Heating does not stop 8 If the sealing is not flat, tight or the steel box is not sealed, adjust the steel box 9 While heating, while not heating 10 11. Pump rotation without vacuum pumping The cover does not work, etc.
1. The pump oil is polluted, too little or too thin. Clean the vacuum pump and replace it with a new vacuum pump oil; The extraction time is too short to prolong the extraction time; The exhaust filter is blocked, clean or replace the exhaust filter; If there is air leakage, turn off the power supply after evacuation, and check whether there is air leakage in the solenoid valve, pipe connector, vacuum pump suction valve and the sealing gasket around the working room
2. Replace the vacuum pump coupling if it is worn or broken; If the exhaust filter is blocked or the installation position is incorrect, clean or replace the exhaust filter and install it correctly; Check whether there is air leakage in the solenoid valve and eliminate it
3. The O-ring of the suction valve falls off, unplug the vacuum pipe on the pump nozzle, remove the suction nozzle, take out the compression spring and suction valve, gently stretch the O-ring several times, re insert it into the groove, and then install it; If the rotary vane is worn, replace the rotary vane
4. The oil return valve is blocked. Remove the oil return valve and clean it (see the manual for details); After the oil window is loose and drained, remove the oil window and wrap it with raw material tape or thin plastic film
5. The exhaust filter is blocked or contaminated. Clean or replace the exhaust filter; The pump oil is polluted and replaced with new oil; The oil return valve is blocked. Clean the oil return valve
6. The heating strip is burnt out and replace the heating strip; The heating time relay is burnt out (the two lights are on at the same time when starting up, and the color of OMRON light is yellow), replace the time relay; Replace the heating wire when the heating wire is burnt out and install it firmly; The control heating temperature band switch has poor contact, repair or replace it; The AC contactor controlling heating does not reset, repair (blow away foreign matters with air flow) or replace; Replace the heating transformer
7. The heating time relay is in poor contact or burnt out, and the adjusting time relay is in contact with the socket or replaced; Control heating AC contactor does not reset, repair or replace
8. Heating time and heating temperature are not adjusted properly; There are attachments on the heating cloth. Gently scrape the attachments with your fingernails; When the pressurizing solenoid valve does not operate, clean or replace the solenoid valve; Replace the airbag if the airbag is damaged; Repair or replace the damaged pressurized air pipe; If the cooling time relay without air bleeding is broken (in the electrical box), replace the time relay; Check and connect the open circuit of the vent valve circuit; The bleeder valve is stuck or burned out. Remove, clean or replace it
9. The packing bag pressure strip on the unheated side is short circuited with the heating device (generally short circuited with the brazed strip), adjust the position of the brazed strip, or rest the packing bag pressure strip
10. The working chamber is not tightly covered, and the working chamber is tightly covered; Reverse the motor (pay attention not to change the ground wire, and the color wire is the ground wire); Fuse off (indicator light on) replace the fuse of the same specification
11. Check whether there is power supply without power supply; If the travel switch does not act, adjust the travel switch paddle; The fuse is broken (the indicator light is on) replace the fuse of the same specification, burn the fuse frequently, and find and eliminate the short circuit; If the motor reversing time is too long, any two-phase power lines shall be replaced and installed (except the ground wire); If the oil viscosity is too high, wash the pump and change the oil. Repair the short circuit in the paddle in the fuse box.

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