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What is the working principle of automatic vacuum feeder?

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working principle of automatic vacuum feeder:
when the air pump rotates, negative pressure occurs in the air pump to form vacuum air flow. The materials are sucked into the suction nozzle to form air flow, which reaches the silo of the feeder through the suction pipe. The filter completely separates the material from the air. When the material is full of the silo, the controller will automatically cut off the power supply, the vacuum feeder stops working, the silo door opens automatically, and the material falls into the hopper of the equipment. At the same time, the compressed air automatically cleans the filter through the pulse back blowing valve. When the time is up or the material level sensor sends the feeding signal, the feeding machine will be started automatically. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, maintenance free, low noise, convenient control, eliminating material static electricity and meeting the requirements. The high vacuum generated by the vacuum air pump. The air pump vacuum powder feeder uses the rotation of the air pump to generate high vacuum to realize the transportation of materials. So that the transported materials can eliminate the phenomenon of stratification and ensure the uniformity of the composition of mixed materials. It is the preferred equipment for automatic feeding of non-woven machinery, tablet press, filling machine, dry granulation machine, packaging machine, pulverizer, vibrating screen and other machinery
material type conveyed by vacuum feeder:
Plastics: polyethylene particles, polystyrene particles, polyurethane particles, recycled rubber, ethylene propylene particles
food: flavor powder, baking agent, beans, edible mushrooms, cheese powder, cocoa powder, coconut, crystalline sugar, curry powder, fruit juice powder, lactose, alfalfa, pepper, starch Fermentation powder
chemistry: activated carbon powder, aluminum chloride, aluminum hydroxide, zinc stearate, filter cake, sodium, mottled earth, calcium carbonate, diatomite,, soot, iron powder, tungsten powder, silicon carbon, silicon dioxide, dicyandiamide powder, zeolite
pigments and coatings: dye powder, epoxy resin, acrylic polymer, titanium dioxide, toner powder PTFE powder
metal powder: aluminum powder, cobalt powder, iron powder, tungsten powder
Others: clinker cement, grape seeds, casting auxiliary materials, welding powder, quartz particles, sand particles, gravel.

your structure of automatic vacuum feeding machine. The feeding mode of capsule filling machine is automatic vacuum feeding. Principle of automatic vacuum feeder: when the automatic vacuum feeder works, the working chamber of the main machine generates high-speed air flow under the negative pressure of 0.03 MPa, and the materials in the turnover bucket are sucked into the working chamber of the main machine through the conveying pipe, and then the inhaled materials fall into the hopper of the capsule filling machine in a spiral shape with their own weight. An imported filter cloth is placed on the vacuum air source and material path for clean filtration. With the feeding process, the micro powder attached to the filter cloth will be cleaned by mechanical automatic shaking to prevent the vacuum path from being blocked. Source /news_ view. asp? Flag=

the principle of vacuum feeder is to use the air pressure difference to form the gas flow in the pipeline, so as to move the animal material and send the material to the corresponding container to complete the material transportation.

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