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What kind of material is suitable for rice vacuum packaging bag

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thicker polyethylene. Polyethylene can be used in food, PVC can’t

nylon is generally good

nylon (PA) composite PE is generally used in rice vacuum packaging bags, because nylon has very strong gas resistance, which is much stronger than ordinary pet, BOPP and PE

as shown in the figure, this PA /PE vacuum bag can pack 0.5kg ~ 1kg rice

PA /PE can also be used for 5kg vacuum rice bags with handles. Generally, PET composite PA composite PE should be used for 10kg vacuum rice bags

for PA /PE vacuumized rice bags, the thickness of nylon is generally 15 microns, that is, 1.5 wires. The thickness of PE is generally more than 100 microns, and the total thickness of PA /PE is more than 120 microns, because the rice tip is relatively sharp. If the PA /PE bag is too thin during vacuumization, it is easy to scratch the bag, Therefore, for this PA /PE rice vacuum packaging bag, do not consider reducing the thickness to reduce the cost

for compounding, both dry compounding and solvent-free compounding of 5kg rice vacuum bag can be used

for more details, you can use Baidu video tutorial to pack YiDianTong 087 vacuum rice bags. What materials are generally used

the rice vacuum packaging bag can be made of NY /PE composite material, which has the best effect. This answer is provided by Dongguan Yuli packaging!

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