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What kinds of vacuum food packaging bag materials are there, and how to judge and identify them

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main materials of food vacuum bags
classification of materials for vacuum packaging, the following are the characteristics of various materials suitable for vacuum packaging:

I. PE is suitable for low temperature and rcpp is suitable for high temperature cooking

II. PA is to increase physical strength and puncture resistance

III. al aluminum foil is used to increase barrier performance and shading

IV. pet increases mechanical strength and has excellent stiffness.
then according to the demand, various properties are combined and transparent. In order to increase the barrier performance, water-resistant PVA high barrier coating is used
several types of vacuum bags:

PA /PE or PA /rcpp
Pet /PE
Pet /rcpp

there are also three or four layers, In order to increase the texture and properties of materials:

Pet /PA /PE
Pet /Al /rcpp
PA /Al /rcpp
Pet /PA /
Al /rcpp
several common characteristics of vacuum packaging bags
high temperature cooking bags. Vacuum bags are used to package all kinds of cooked meat foods, which are convenient to use and hygienic

material: NY /PE, NY /Al /rcpp, NY /PE
characteristics: moisture-proof, temperature resistance, shading, fragrance preservation, toughness

applicable to: high temperature sterilized food, ham, curry, roast eel, roast fish and meat brine products

at present, film materials are mainly used in vacuum packaging. Of course, bottled and canned materials are also used. For the film materials used in food vacuum packaging, it is necessary to ensure the best packaging effect, beauty and economy of various foods. At the same time, food vacuum packaging also has high requirements for light resistance and stability of materials. When a single material can not meet these requirements, the package is often composed of a variety of different materials.

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