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What material is pa15 / pe75 packing bag

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PA refers to nylon, which can also be represented by NY. The thickness of PA is 1.5 wires, that is, 15 microns
PE is polyethylene with a thickness of 3-10 wires
pa15 /pe75 are relatively standard food vacuum bags

vacuum packaging, boiled packaging or rice packaging are OK. The key PE is what PE is, because there are many kinds of PE

pa15 /pe75 is a vacuum composite bag for food
PA is nylon and PE is polyethylene
composite bags are suitable for vacuum packaging or general packaging of food, electronic products, chemical industry, medicine, tea, precision instruments and national defense cutting-edge products
[material]: brand new PE /nylon
[style]: three side sealing pocket, one side sealing 1cm, easy to tear opening
[performance]: transparent, non-toxic, tasteless, food grade packaging bag, which can be used as vacuum packaging, with good sealing performance, should not break the bag and leak air, and plays a good role in antifouling, prolonging the shelf life and keeping fresh. Low temperature resistance, also suitable for refrigerated food, cosmetics and other packaging
[scope of application]: vacuum packaging for food (long-term preservation); Vacuum packaging for hardware tools is not easy to rust; It can also be used for packaging tea, dried fruit, medicine, meat, etc
[common sense]: since the edge sealing may be a certain distance from the bag mouth after sealing (if a household small vacuum machine is used, it needs 4cm to vent the nozzle), and it is generally appropriate that the amount of vacuum should not exceed 3 /4 of the bag

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