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What material is the vacuum packaging machine made of?

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there are two kinds of vacuum packaging machines, one is stainless steel shell, the other is carbon steel shell.  

carbon steel or stainless steel
the two can be distinguished by the following methods:

1. Magnet suction. 304 stainless steel often used in vacuum packaging machine is mostly Austenitic, generally speaking, it is non-magnetic or weak magnetic. Therefore, you can use magnets to test whether the material of kitchenware is 304 stainless steel. The strong magnetic force is carbon steel
2. Look at the label. If there is a steel seal on the surface of stainless steel products, it can be directly identified. For example, 13-0, 18-8 and other words, the number before the horizontal line indicates the chromium content in the product (%); The number after the horizontal line indicates the nickel content (%) in the product. Like 13-0, it only contains chromium and no nickel, which belongs to stainless iron; 18-9 indicates that the product contains both chromium and nickel, which is stainless steel. All vacuum packaging machines are made of 18cr-9ni stainless steel
3. Look with your eyes. The brighter one is the material above 304, and the darker one is carbon steel
4. Grind with an angle grinder Grind the plate with an angle grinder. The material with more sparks is less than 304, and the material with few sparks is carbon steel
5. Use special identification reagent. You can know by comparing a drop of reagent with the color card. 304 stainless steel, droplets slowly turn light gray after more than 50 seconds. Fast discoloration is carbon steel
6. Bend with your hand Find a corner and bend it by hand. If it is easy to deform, it is more than 304, and the hard one is carbon steel.

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