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What material is used for vacuum food packaging bag

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Dongguan bochen electronics is a manufacturer of food vacuum packaging bags, which is made of imported MDPE and BOPA with good tensile strength. The vacuum packaging bags produced by us have high sealing strength, good flexibility, good tightness and high transparency. After low-temperature sterilization in 90 ℃ water for 5-15 minutes, the transparent parts around the products are automatically bonded, so as to increase the vacuum of the products This product is the first choice of vacuum packaging bags for low-temperature meat products, vegetable products, frozen food, agricultural products and so on.

Henan specializes in producing PP, PE, Po, PVC, EVA and opp. Compound bag, aluminum foil bag, vacuum bag, yin-yang bag, agrochemical packaging bag, high temperature steaming bag, dry food bag, snack food bag, candy bag, jelly bag, compound mask bag, agricultural seed packaging bag, and veterinary medicine packaging bag. br> And self-adhesive trademarks of various materials: automatic labeling of medical drum, sealing label, ticket of drum scenic spot, anti-counterfeiting label. Washing label, etc

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 the materials of food vacuum bags mainly include PVDC (polyvinylidene chloride), PE (polyethylene), PA (nylon), EVOH (ethylene /vinyl alcohol copolymer), aluminized film (aluminum + PE), etc. among them, PE (polyethylene) is a common material for making food packaging bags

 food vacuum bag is to maintain the quality of food, prevent food from deterioration in the process of preservation, circulation and sales, prevent microbial pollution, prevent super chemical and physical changes, and facilitate the preservation and storage of food

The question

 is mainly about which materials are used to produce this vacuum bag! For example, what is used for printing! What material is used for the second layer and what material is used for the third layer! How to match anti puncture best


 the production process of vacuum packaging bag can be divided into four steps: 1. Packaging design: This is to design the layout of the food vacuum bag according to the requirements of the food company. A good design layout of food vacuum bag plays a good role in improving the sales volume of products. 2: Plate making: making the copper plate required on the food packaging printing press according to the confirmation draft of food packaging design. The plate is a cylinder, and it is a complete set, not a single one. The specific size and number of plates shall be determined according to the packaging design in the previous step. 3: layout printing: the specific work content on the food packaging printing machine shall be printed according to the first layer of materials confirmed by the food company (the confirmation of materials can refer to the basis of vacuum bag), The printed effect drawing is not much different from the design drawing. 4: Composite: the so-called composite is to bond the two total materials together and stick the ink surface between the two layers of materials, such as PA (nylon) /PE (reinforcement), in which nylon is the first layer of material, that is, the printed material, PE (reinforcement) is the second layer of material, that is, the composite material, and in some cases there will be the third and fourth layers of material. The third layer is required for ordinary aluminum foil bags (OPP light film /Al aluminum foil /PE reinforcement). Usually, before compounding, it is necessary to check the previously printed materials and eliminate the materials with poor printing effect

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