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What types of packaging machines are there?

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generally, the packaging of food is probably particle packaging machine, liquid packaging machine, sauce packaging machine and powder packaging machine. The improvement of subsequent products also needs labeling machine, packaging machine, sealing machine, etc.

What are the types of packaging machinery? Packaging machinery can be classified according to its degree of automation, type of packaging products, packaging production line and its functions
1. According to the degree of automation of packaging machinery, it can be divided into full-automatic packaging machine and semi-automatic packaging machine
(1) full automatic packer. Automatic packaging machine is a machine that automatically supplies packaging materials and contents, and can automatically complete other packaging processes. (2) Semi automatic packaging machine. Semi automatic packaging machine is a machine that can automatically complete other packaging processes by manually delivering packaging materials and contents
3. According to the type of packaging products, they are divided into special packaging machines, multi-purpose packaging machines and general packaging machines
(1) special packaging machine. Special packaging machine is a machine specially used for packaging a certain product
(2) multipurpose packaging machine. Multi purpose packaging machine is a machine that can package two or more products by adjusting or replacing relevant working parts
(3) general packaging machine. General packaging machine is a machine suitable for packaging two or more different types of products within the specified range

2. According to the functional classification of packaging machinery
packaging machinery can be divided into: packaging machinery, labeling machinery, filling machinery, filling machinery, sealing machinery, sterilization machinery, cleaning machinery, drying machinery, container machinery, binding machinery, multi-functional packaging machinery, and auxiliary packaging machinery to complete other packaging operations. This classification method is adopted in domestic standards

4. Packaging production line

a production line that can complete a series of packaging operations, that is, packaging production line, which is connected by several packaging machines and other auxiliary equipment
there are many types of packaging machines, and their functions are becoming more and more perfect. I won’t introduce them all here. The prospect of detailed packaging machinery is very optimistic.

generally, there are two categories: full-automatic and semi-automatic. There are also particle, powder, liquid and other packaging machines, which are divided by kg according to the number of bags

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