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Where is the automatic packing equipment of particle packing machine

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find Qingdao Yuande Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
dxdk80e automatic packaging machine
technical features:
1 Liquid crystal display, easy to operate
2. Stepless speed regulation, after shutdown, the heat sealing die is automatically in the open state
3. Automatically track the color code, and complete bag making, metering, filling, sealing, date printing and product output at one time
1. LCD display,operation is easy.
2. Stepless speed ,and the sealing mould have open after stop running.
3. Automatic tracking code, bag-making,filling,measuring,sealing,printing,proct delivery in one operation.
applicable packaging range:
various pharmaceutical particles, coffee, pesticide /fertilizer particles, condiments, seeds, tea, desiccants, etc
all kings of medicine, coffee, spces, additives, seed, tea, drying agent, etc.
technical parameter:
model /dxdk80e dxdk60e
measurement range (ML)
fill capability (ML) 1-50 20-100
packaging speed (bag /min)
speed (bag /min) 40-80 30-60
bag size (mm)
bag size (mm) 40-160 (L) × 40-120 (W)
supply voltage (V)
power voltage (V) 380V three-phase four wire system

power (kw)
power (kw) 0.86
weight (kg)
weight (kg) 175
overall dimension
LxWxH (mm) 730 × six hundred and thirty × one thousand five hundred and eighty

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